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Chemistry Stores



April 27, 2021: Current limits on number of boxes of gloves that can be purchase per group, per week:

  • 2 boxes of KC Purple Nitrile gloves, plus

  • 10 boxes of any other gloves

Chemistry Stores is open for orders. Customers will need to place orders online to be picked by Stores staff. Stores will only be open at certain times for picking up orders. Please read the information below carefully.

NOTE: Customers who place orders through the Planon Product Store will be notified when orders are ready for pickup. Orders placed by email can be collected the following work day (if placed after working hours add a day).

Opening times

  • Stores customers: 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm. These are the only hours the pickup window will be open for Stores customers.
  • ThermoFisher Supply Centre: 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm. Order pick ups will only be available during these hours.
  • Customers will be served one at a time.
  • Please follow social distancing markings in the hallway while waiting for service.
  • Customers will not be allowed in stores or receiving.
  • The hallway door will remain locked all day. 
  • No passage through Stores from hallway to outside will be available.
  • Entry to receiving will not be allowed when looking for packages, customers can call ahead to have packages ready for pickup at the window open times.

Stock orders

  • Customers can place orders via the Planon product store. Login with your CWL at this link: https://ubc-prod.planoncloud.com. If you do not have access (please check by trying to log in first), find the form on the Standing Account tab of this website.
  • All items are listed in the Planon product store. Quantities on hand can be reviewed for all items in the product store.
  • Please review this guide before your first order for help answering simple questions. Customer Quick Order Instructions
  • Additional instructions for placing an order within the product store: STO 124 Requesting Stock Items from Product Store pdf
  • Customers who place orders through the Planon Product Store will be notified when orders are ready for pickup. Orders placed by email can be collected the following work day (if placed after working hours add a day).
  • Receipt slips will not be signed by customers. The storeperson will write the name of the person picking up the order and put their own initials on the receipt slips.
  • Some stock items may be sold in limited quantities to each group (soap, bleach, gloves) based on available inventory and expected availability from vendors.
  • The solvent cart for collecting empty containers will be parked in the hallway. Include these items in your online orders to avoid delay when picking up orders. Filling will be done at 11:30am, filled containers can be picked up during the afternoon 1-3pm opening.
  • New Customer Entrance Map 




















Other Stores Items

  • Dry ice pickup (for UBC customers who need the Stores key) will only be available during the opening times above. All necessary items will be at the window. Dry ice deliveries will continue on the M/W/F schedule.
  • The laundry bin will be placed in the hallway for collection of lab coats to be laundered. Please continue to send an email with quantity and contact information as per usual process.
  • Distilled water will be available, but containers to be filled can be dropped off beside the solvent cart for staff to fill (make sure the group name is clear and it is labelled for distilled water). It can be picked up at the next opening time.

ThermoFisher Supply Centre

  • Pick up will only be available during the hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm.
  • If possible, phone or email Chithra at biosupply@chem.ubc.ca, (604) 827-2534 if you are planning on picking up an order that day. This will allow her to put aside your order and lessen the amount of time you will need to spend at the service window once arriving.
  • For stocked products, please contact Chithra for confirmation it is in stock before arriving. Once confirmed, and whenever feasible, please place online orders for stocked products before arriving to the service window and reference your order # when picking up. If Chithra normally places orders for you, please call her before arriving with payment details.

Liquid Nitrogen Filling

Nitrogen will be dispensed for Non-chemistry customers daily from 2PM to 2:15PM in the nitrogen dispensing room (D128) in the main Chemistry building.

Non-chemistry customers wishing to purchase liquid nitrogen must be preauthorized. There are three options:

  1. Frequent users can request to have a dispensing fob issued.  Contact Tony Mittertreiner to arrange for a fob to be created for your group.
  2. Go to Chemistry Stores and ask to purchase liquid nitrogen. They will process the transaction and provide you with a printed receipt. You can give that receipt to the dispensing technician as your proof of purchase.  Stores is open between 9 and 11AM, and 1 and 3 PM.
  3. Order N2 in Planon at least one day prior to coming to get N2. Instructions for using Planon can be found in the link above (under Stock Orders).

                  a. Liquid nitrogen can be found under Chemicals -> Compressed Gasses

                  b. The screen below is an example of what you want to get to when ordering N2.











               c. After you place the order, you will receive an email within 1 working day advising that your product is ready for pickup.

               d. Bring a copy of the email to give to the dispensing technician.

               e. You will not need to go to stores if you use this method.



Technicians         (Chemistry Mechanical Shop):    604-822-9467

Billing issues       (Tony Mittertreiner)                      604-817-6363     tonym@chem.ub.ca

Stores                                                                                   604-822-3865     storz@chem.ubc.ca


Chemistry Stores stocks more than 200 chemicals, deuterated solvents, dry ice, reusable and disposable glassware, plasticware, safety products such as personal protective equipment and spill control products, filtration products, assorted tubing, pipettors, and other miscellaneous scientific supplies. We are located on the lower floor of Chemistry B Block, South Wing, Room B170 - 2036 Main Mall (see map below or go to Wayfinding at UBC: Chemistry Block B, Room B170 - 2036 Main Mall).

Anyone holding a UBC account can set up a standing account at Chemistry Stores with a valid journal voucher. Our customers must have an account within the UBC Finance system.

Chemistry Stores offers a limited range of non-chemical products for sale by credit card to the public. Please contact Elan or Xin-Hui below for more information.

Temporary Stockroom Order Pickup Times

Monday to Friday
10:00 am - 11:00 am; 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Closed on UBC recognized statutory holidays.



Karen Button Manager, Stores Operations 604-822-5364 kbutton@chem.ubc.ca
George Kamel Acquisition 604-822-2614 acq@chem.ubc.ca
Elan Vered Customer Service 604-822-3865 elan@chem.ubc.ca
Chithra Vishnu Praveen Supply Center 604-827-2534 biosupply@chem.ubc.ca
Alex Moya Shipper/Receiver 604-822-3003 shiprec@chem.ubc.ca
Xin-Hui  Huang Inventory Control 604-822-6849 xhuang@chem.ubc.ca
General Inquiries General Inquiries 604-822-3865 storz@chem.ubc.ca
























Temporary Winter Customer Entrance Map

standing account

Standing Account Information

New customers who would like to be authorized to make purchases from Chemistry Stores and have access to the Chemistry Product Store in Planon will need to fill out the form below. The customer’s manager or supervisor must email the form to Karen Button (kbutton@chem.ubc.ca) and Xin-Hui Huang (xhuang@chem.ubc.ca) to authorize the customer. If purchases will be made on a grant then the Principal Investigator or Grant Manager must authorize the customer by email. A person must be active in Workday before they can be given access to Planon.

Chem Product Stores Access Form - New Customer

Use this form to set up a new grant with many users on a single form. Please complete all information so that all users can be authorized:

Chem Product Store Access Form – New Grant 


Quick Guide Ordering Information

Please review this guide before your first order for help answering simple questions. If you have further questions please send them to storz@chem.ubc.ca.

Customer Quick Order Instructions

stock items

Stock Items

Stock Item # Description Unit of Measure
DT00527D acetone-d6,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D PK
DT00527D acetone-d6,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D AM
DT00529F acetone-d6,10g,CIL,99.9 atom %D BO
DT00641A acetonitrile-d3,1g,CIL,99.8 atom %D PK
DT00641A acetonitrile-d3,1g,CIL,99.8 atom %D AM
DT006867 acetonitrile-d3,1mL,ALDRICH,99.8 atom %D PK
DT006867 acetonitrile-d3,1mL,ALDRICH,99.8 atom %D AM
DT10685J benzene-d6,1g,CIL,99.6 atom %D AM
DT10685J benzene-d6,1g,CIL,99.6 atom %D PK
DT10686K benzene-d6,1mL,ALDRICH,99.6 atom %D PK
DT10686K benzene-d6,1mL,ALDRICH,99.6 atom %D AM
DT10687L benzene-d6,10g,CIL,99.6 atom % D BO
DT106910 benzene-d6,10g,ALDRICH,99.6 atom %D BO
DT21217C chloroform-d1,50g,CIL,99.8 atom %D BO
DT21218D chloroform-d1,100g,CIL,99.8 atom %D BO
DT28794E deuterium oxide,1mL,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D PK
DT28794E deuterium oxide,1mL,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D AM
DT28975U deuterium oxide,100g,CIL,99.9 atom %D BO
DT28992L deuterium oxide,100g,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D BO
DT32687P DMSO-d6,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D AM
DT32687P DMSO-d6,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D PK
DT32688G DMSO-d6,1mL,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D AM
DT32688G DMSO-d6,1mL,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D PK
DT32689R DMSO-d6,10g,CIL,99.9 atom %D BO
DT32691H DMSO-d6,10g,ALDRICH,99.9 atom %D BO
DT58144L methanol-d4,1g,CIL,99.8 atom %D AM
DT58144L methanol-d4,1g,CIL,99.8 atom %D PK
DT58188L methanol-d4,1mL,ALDRICH,99.8 atom %D PK
DT58188L methanol-d4,1mL,ALDRICH,99.8 atom %D AM
DT59323L methylene-d2 chloride,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D PK
DT59323L methylene-d2 chloride,1g,CIL,99.9 atom %D AM
DT59324M methylene-d2 chloride,0.75ml,ALDRICH,99.9 % D AM
DT59324M methylene-d2 chloride,0.75ml,ALDRICH,99.9 % D PK
DT59325N methylene-d2 chloride,5g,CIL,99.9 atom %D BO
DT59358M methylene-d2 chloride,10g,ALDRICH,99.9 % D BO
DT81406T tetrahydrofuran-d8,1mL,ALDRICH,99.5 atom %D AM
DT81406T tetrahydrofuran-d8,1mL,ALDRICH,99.5 atom %D PK
DT92249P toluene-d8,1g,CIL,99.6 atom %D AM
DT92249P toluene-d8,1g,CIL,99.6 atom %D PK
DT925043 toluene-d8,1mL,ALDRICH,99.6 atom %D AM
DT925043 toluene-d8,1mL,ALDRICH,99.6 atom %D PK
EQ000341 labels,SELF-ADHESIVE,3/4" x 1/2" PK
EQ000344 labels,SELF-ADHESIVE,1.3x4.4cm PK
EQ000355 labels,SELF-ADHESIVE,4x2 inch PK
EQ000366 labels,for 5mm NMR/EPR tubes PK
EQ000366 labels,for 5mm NMR/EPR tubes SH
EQ006700 blades,single edge razor EA
EQ006700 blades,single edge razor BOX
EQ006712 blades,double edge razor PK
EQ006712 blades,double edge razor EA
EQ006855 blades,for rotary cutter,45mm PK
EQ006855 blades,for rotary cutter,45mm EA
EQ006872 cutter,rotary,for cutting aluminium TLC plates EA
EQ010064 surge suppressor,-ISOBAR- EA
EQ010694 coffee,Starbucks,Box/18x2.5oz PK
EQ013951 paper,weighing,3in.x 3in.  PK
EQ018101 goggles,vented,clear lens EA
EQ018122 goggles,clear lens,GoggleGear EA
EQ018884 faceshield,headgear only EA
EQ018886 faceshield,for healthcare prof EA
EQ018896 faceshield,.080in.,W96,CLR,Pro EA
EQ020101 rings,cork,30mmx 80mm od EA
EQ020102 rings,cork,60mmx110mm od EA
EQ020103 rings,cork,90mmx140mm od EA
EQ020105 rings,cork,150mmx210mm od EA
EQ028501 tissue wipers,1-ply KIMWIPES  CS
EQ028501 tissue wipers,1-ply KIMWIPES  PK
EQ033841 bearing,buci/brink,rtvapr EA
EQ033902 seals,gaco rubber,BLACK,for rota-vapor EA
EQ033903 seal,vacuum,KD22,for Büchi® Rotavapor R114/124 EA
EQ033916 seal,vacuum,KD34,for Büchi® Rotavapor R200/205 EA
EQ033935 seal,vacuum,front sealing,for Büchi® Rotavapor R200/205 EA
EQ033935 seal,vacuum,front sealing,for Büchi® Rotavapor R200/205 PK
EQ034002 clamps,grd.joint,SSS,B24 EA
EQ034171 earplugs,-DECIDAMP-,hearing protection PR
EQ034171 earplugs,-DECIDAMP-,hearing protection BOX
EQ03439G carrier,bottle,SAFETY EA
EQ034604 paper,benchkote,46cm wide M
EQ034609 paper,benchkote,92cm wide M
EQ036501 filter paper,#01,4.25cm PK
EQ036502 filter paper,#01,5.50cm PK
EQ036503 filter paper,#01,7.00cm PK
EQ036504 filter paper,#01,9.00cm PK
EQ036505 filter paper,#01,11.0cm PK
EQ036506 filter paper,#01,12.5cm PK
EQ036507 filter paper,#01,15.0cm PK
EQ036508 filter paper,#01,18.5cm PK
EQ036554 filter paper,Whatman #40,11.0cm PK
EQ036992 filter paper,Whatman,#41,11.0cm PK
EQ037001 filter paper,Whatman,#42,7.0cm PK
EQ037003 filter paper,Whatman,#42,12.5cm PK
EQ037004 filter paper,Whatman,#42,15.0cm PK
EQ038509 balloons,9" EA
EQ038509 balloons,9" PK
EQ038801 bulbs,drop,natural,1ml - 1 doz PK
EQ038804 bulbs,drop,2ml PK
EQ038804 bulbs,drop,2ml EA
EQ038832 bulbs,pipet&syringe,60ml EA
EQ038871 bulbs,pipette filler EA
EQ039651 pestle,porc,f/90mm mort. EA
EQ039652 pestle,porc,f/115mm mort. EA
EQ039653 pestle,porc,f/130mm mort. EA
EQ039654 pestle,porc,f/80mm mort. EA
EQ039702 mortar,porcelain,80x53mm EA
EQ039704 mortar,porcelain,90x70mm EA
EQ039705 mortar,porcelain,115x70mm EA
EQ039706 mortar,porcelain,130x80mm EA
EQ043201 tape,carton,CLR,48mm x 100M RL
EQ043211 applicators,cotton,paper bag  PK
EQ043301 tape,masking,24mm x 55M RL
EQ043601 tape,autoclave RL
EQ043712 tape,colored labeling,25mm x 13M RL
EQ045201 glass,filter fibre,CORNING 395 EA
EQ045248 cotton balls PK
EQ047012 pipe (tubing) cleaner brushes RL
EQ049405 paper,test,litmus blue PK
EQ049405 paper,test,litmus blue VI
EQ049406 paper,test,litmus,neutral VI
EQ049406 paper,test,litmus,neutral PK
EQ049408 paper,test,pH,ALKACID VI
EQ049408 paper,test,pH,ALKACID PK
EQ049414 pH test strips,pH range 0-14.0 PK
EQ049801 stoppers,rubber,solid,#00 EA
EQ049802 stoppers,rubber,solid,#0 EA
EQ049803 stoppers,rubber,solid,#01 EA
EQ049804 stoppers,rubber,solid,#02 EA
EQ049804 stoppers,rubber,solid,#02 PK
EQ049805 stoppers,rubber,solid,#03 EA
EQ049805 stoppers,rubber,solid,#03 PK
EQ049806 stoppers,rubber,solid,#04 EA
EQ049806 stoppers,rubber,solid,#04 PK
EQ049807 stoppers,rubber,solid,#5 1/2 PK
EQ049807 stoppers,rubber,solid,#5 1/2 EA
EQ049808 stoppers,rubber,solid,#05 EA
EQ049809 stoppers,rubber,solid,#6 1/2 PK
EQ049809 stoppers,rubber,solid,#6 1/2 EA
EQ04980A stoppers,rubber,solid,#06 PK
EQ04980A stoppers,rubber,solid,#06 EA
EQ04980C stoppers,rubber,solid,#08 EA
EQ04980C stoppers,rubber,solid,#08 PK
EQ04980D stoppers,rubber,solid,#09 EA
EQ04980D stoppers,rubber,solid,#09 PK
EQ04980E stoppers,rubber,solid,#10 EA
EQ04980F stoppers,rubber,solid,#11 PK
EQ04980F stoppers,rubber,solid,#11 EA
EQ04980G stoppers,rubber,solid,#12 EA
EQ04980G stoppers,rubber,solid,#12 PK
EQ04980H stoppers,rubber,solid,#13 PK
EQ04980H stoppers,rubber,solid,#13 EA
EQ04980K stoppers,rubber,solid,#07 EA
EQ04980K stoppers,rubber,solid,#07 PK
EQ04980M stoppers,rubber,solid,#14 EA
EQ049901 stoppers,rubber,1hole #00 EA
EQ049902 stoppers,rubber,1hole,#0 EA
EQ049903 stoppers,rubber,1hole,#01 EA
EQ049905 stoppers,rubber,1hole,#03 EA
EQ049908 stoppers,rubber,1hole,#05 EA
EQ050001 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#0 EA
EQ050002 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#00 EA
EQ050003 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#01 EA
EQ050004 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#02 EA
EQ050005 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#03 EA
EQ050006 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#04 EA
EQ050007 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#05 EA
EQ050008 stoppers,rubber,2hole,#06 EA
EQ050501 stoppers,cork #000 PK
EQ050501 stoppers,cork #000 EA
EQ050502 stoppers,cork, #00 PK
EQ050502 stoppers,cork, #00 EA
EQ050503 stoppers,cork,#0 EA
EQ050503 stoppers,cork,#0 PK
EQ050504 stoppers,cork,#01 PK
EQ050504 stoppers,cork,#01 EA
EQ050505 stoppers,cork,#02 EA
EQ050505 stoppers,cork,#02 PK
EQ050506 stoppers,cork,#03 EA
EQ050506 stoppers,cork,#03 PK
EQ050507 stoppers,cork,#04 PK
EQ050507 stoppers,cork,#04 EA
EQ050508 stoppers,cork,#05 EA
EQ050508 stoppers,cork,#05 PK
EQ050509 stoppers,cork,#06 EA
EQ050509 stoppers,cork,#06 PK
EQ05050A stoppers,cork,#07 EA
EQ05050A stoppers,cork,#07 PK
EQ05050C stoppers,cork,#09 EA
EQ05050D stoppers,cork,#10 PK
EQ05050D stoppers,cork,#10 EA
EQ05050E stoppers,cork,#11 PK
EQ05050E stoppers,cork,#11 EA
EQ05050F stoppers,cork,#12 PK
EQ05050F stoppers,cork,#12 EA
EQ05050G stoppers,cork,#13 EA
EQ05050G stoppers,cork,#13 PK
EQ05050H stoppers,cork,#14 EA
EQ05050J stoppers,cork,#16 PK
EQ05050J stoppers,cork,#16 EA
EQ05050K stoppers,cork,#17 PK
EQ05050K stoppers,cork,#17 EA
EQ05050L stoppers,cork,#18 EA
EQ05050M stoppers,cork,#19 EA
EQ05050N stoppers,cork,#20 EA
EQ05050P stoppers,cork,#22 PK
EQ05050P stoppers,cork,#22 EA
EQ05050R stoppers,cork,#24 PK
EQ05050R stoppers,cork,#24 EA
EQ05050T stoppers,cork,#08 PK
EQ05050T stoppers,cork,#08 EA
EQ05050U stoppers,cork,#15 PK
EQ05050U stoppers,cork,#15 EA
EQ050526 stoppers,cork,#26 EA
EQ051181 syringe,GLASS,10cc,Luer-Lock EA
EQ051182 syringe,GLASS, 2cc,Luer-Lock EA
EQ05128C syringe,dispo.3ml,rubber plung EA
EQ05128C syringe,dispo.3ml,rubber plung P2H
EQ051315 needles,ss,26G,1in. LUERLOK PK
EQ051315 needles,ss,26G,1in. LUERLOK EA
EQ051355 needles,ss,22G,1in. LUERLOK EA
EQ051355 needles,ss,22G,1in. LUERLOK PK
EQ05136E syringe,dispo.10ml,rubber plung EA
EQ05136E syringe,dispo.10ml,rubber plung PK
EQ051377 needles,ss,20G,1.5in. LUERLOK PK
EQ051377 needles,ss,20G,1.5in. LUERLOK EA
EQ051397 needles,ss,18G,1.5in.LUERLOK EA
EQ051397 needles,ss,18G,1.5in.LUERLOK PK
EQ051398 needles,ss,18G,2in. LUERLOK EA
EQ051398 needles,ss,18G,2in. LUERLOK PK
EQ05149B needles,single use,18G,1.5 inch BOX
EQ05154C bar,spin,EGG-shaped,64mm(2 1/2 x 3/4") EA
EQ051553 thermometer,B10,-10 to +110C EA
EQ051555 thermometer,B10,-10 to +150C EA
EQ051556 thermometer,B10,-10 to +250C EA
EQ051561 bars,spin,MICRO,8 x 1.5mm EA
EQ051562 bars,spin,MICRO,1/2 x 1/8in EA
EQ051563 bars,spin,MICRO,10 x 3 mm EA
EQ051601 bars,spin,POLYGONAL,12X4.5mm EA
EQ051602 bars,spin,OCTAGONAL,1/2 x 5/16in EA
EQ051603 bars,spin,OCTAGONAL,1x5/16in EA
EQ051604 bars,spin,OCTAGONAL,1 1/2 x 5/16in EA
EQ051621 magnetic stir bar retrievers EA
EQ05260A syringe,dispo.1ml,rubber plung,slip tip PK
EQ05260A syringe,dispo.1ml,rubber plung,slip tip EA
EQ05261L syringe,dispo.1ml,rubber plung,Luer-Lok tip EA
EQ05261L syringe,dispo.1ml,rubber plung,Luer-Lok tip PK
EQ053207 bags,plastic,7"x8",pk/500 PK
EQ053210 bags,plastic,10-9/16"x10-3/4",pk/250 PK
EQ053601 batteries,alkaline,sz AA BOX
EQ053601 batteries,alkaline,sz AA EA
EQ053602 batteries,alkaline,sz  C EA
EQ053603 batteries,alkaline,sz  D EA
EQ053609 batteries,alkaline,9 volt EA
EQ05360D batteries,alkaline,AAA,1.5 vol BOX
EQ05360D batteries,alkaline,AAA,1.5 vol EA
EQ053632 tape,electric,PVC,3/4INX66FT RL
EQ054061 spatulas,mcro,round end EA
EQ054062 spatulas,micro,PTFE-coated,one EA
EQ054063 spatulas,mcro,1-shp,1-`V' EA
EQ054064 spatulas,mcro,1-tap,1-rnd,8 in EA
EQ054065 spatulas,mcro,spoon,SS blade PK
EQ054065 spatulas,mcro,spoon,SS blade EA
EQ054077 spatula,mcro,1-rnd,1sq,7in. EA
EQ054091 spatulas,semi-micro,1-tap,1-rn EA
EQ054101 spatulas,w/spoon,23cm EA
EQ054151 spatulas,scoopula,17cm EA
EQ055010 syringe,HAMILTON, 100 ul EA
EQ055025 syringe,HAMILTON, 250 ul EA
EQ055050 syringe,HAMILTON, 500 ul EA
EQ05557T clamps,3-prong,17cm,dual adjustment EA
EQ055701 clamps,3-prong,22cm,dual adjustment EA
EQ055703 clamps,3-prong,27cm,dual adjustment EA
EQ055769 clamps,2-prong,utility,flat EA
EQ056095 tubing,latx,ambr,1/2x1/8in. CM
EQ056095 tubing,latx,ambr,1/2x1/8in. BOX
EQ056102 tubing,latx,ambr,1/4x1/16in. CM
EQ056102 tubing,latx,ambr,1/4x1/16in. BOX
EQ056103 tubing,latx,ambr,1/8x1/32in. CM
EQ056103 tubing,latx,ambr,1/8x1/32in. BOX
EQ056112 tubing,latx,ambr,3/8x1/8in. BOX
EQ056112 tubing,latx,ambr,3/8x1/8in. CM
EQ056501 tubing,rubber,1/2x1/8in. CM
EQ056501 tubing,rubber,1/2x1/8in. PK
EQ056507 tubing,rubr,blk,3/8x1/8in. CM
EQ056507 tubing,rubr,blk,3/8x1/8in. BOX
EQ056508 tubing,rubr,blk,3/8x5/16in. BOX
EQ056508 tubing,rubr,blk,3/8x5/16in. CM
EQ056811 clamp-holders,regular EA
EQ058001 applicator sticks PK
EQ058001 applicator sticks EA
EQ058013 pinchcock,open jaw,19mm OD Max EA
EQ05807H pinchcock,closed jaw,19mm OD M EA
EQ058301 rings,extension type EA
EQ058302 rings,open,Alum,flexframe EA
EQ058303 plate,support,cast iron EA
EQ059102 tubing,rubr,red,1/4x1/16in. PK
EQ059102 tubing,rubr,red,1/4x1/16in. CM
EQ059108 tubing,rubr,red,1/4x3/16in. CM
EQ059108 tubing,rubr,red,1/4x3/16in. PK
EQ059501 brushes,centfg tube,15ml PK
EQ059501 brushes,centfg tube,15ml EA
EQ059551 brush,hand sweeping EA
EQ059701 brushes,beaker,tufted end,50cm EA
EQ059711 brushes,flask,swivel,31cm TOTA EA
EQ059721 brushes,cylinder,60mm dia x 30 EA
EQ059741 brushes,buret,14cm x 90cm TOTA EA
EQ059751 brushes,test tube,13mm dia x 76mm head EA
EQ059752 brushes,test tube,19mm dia x 89mm head EA
EQ059753 brushes,test tube,tftd end,25cm EA
EQ061001 tubing,pvc,ID:1/8in.,wall thickness:1/16in. BOX
EQ061001 tubing,pvc,ID:1/8in.,wall thickness:1/16in. CM
EQ061003 tubing,pvc,ID:1/4in.,wall thickness:1/16in. BOX
EQ061003 tubing,pvc,ID:1/4in.,wall thickness:1/16in. CM
EQ061010 tubing,vacuum,rubber,1/2x3/8in CM
EQ061010 tubing,vacuum,rubber,1/2x3/8in FT
EQ061011 tubing,vacuum,rubber, 5/8x3/8in CM
EQ061011 tubing,vacuum,rubber, 5/8x3/8in FT
EQ061012 tubing,vacuum,rubber,  7/16x5/16in CM
EQ061012 tubing,vacuum,rubber,  7/16x5/16in FT
EQ061013 tubing,vacuum,rubber,13/16x3/8in FT
EQ061013 tubing,vacuum,rubber,13/16x3/8in CM
EQ063001 tubing,tygon, 1/4 x 1/8 in. BOX
EQ063001 tubing,tygon, 1/4 x 1/8 in. CM
EQ063002 tubing,tygon,1/4x1/16in. CM
EQ063002 tubing,tygon,1/4x1/16in. BOX
EQ063003 tubing,tygon, 1/4 x 3/16in. CM
EQ063003 tubing,tygon, 1/4 x 3/16in. BOX
EQ063004 tubing,tygon,1/8X1/16in. BOX
EQ063004 tubing,tygon,1/8X1/16in. CM
EQ063005 tubing,tygon, 3/4 x 1/8 in. CM
EQ063005 tubing,tygon, 3/4 x 1/8 in. BOX
EQ063006 tubing,PVC, 3/8 x 1/4 in. CM
EQ063006 tubing,PVC, 3/8 x 1/4 in. PK
EQ063007 tubing,tygon, 3/8 x 1/8 in. BOX
EQ063007 tubing,tygon, 3/8 x 1/8 in. CM
EQ063008 tubing,tygon, 3/16x1/16in. BOX
EQ063008 tubing,tygon, 3/16x1/16in. CM
EQ063009 tubing,tygon, 5/16x1/8 in. CM
EQ063009 tubing,tygon, 5/16x1/8 in. BOX
EQ06300A tubing,tygon, 5/16x1/16in. CM
EQ06300A tubing,tygon, 5/16x1/16in. BOX
EQ06300C tubing,TYGON,1/2 x 3/32 inch CM
EQ06300C tubing,TYGON,1/2 x 3/32 inch BOX
EQ063014 tubing,inner-braided,1/4x3/32in BOX
EQ063014 tubing,inner-braided,1/4x3/32in CM
EQ064513 racks for OD 13mm test tubes EA
EQ064516 racks for OD 16mm test tubes EA
EQ064516 racks for OD 16mm test tubes EA
EQ06453C racks for 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes EA
EQ064546 racks for 0.6ml,1.5ml,15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes EA
EQ06462V support stand,13x20 cm EA
EQ066201 clamps,hose,thmb,3/4in. BOX
EQ066201 clamps,hose,thmb,3/4in. EA
EQ066250 clamps,hose,screw,3/8in. BOX
EQ066250 clamps,hose,screw,3/8in. EA
EQ066251 clamps,hose,screw, 1/2in. BOX
EQ066251 clamps,hose,screw, 1/2in. EA
EQ066252 clamps,hose,screw, 3/4in. BOX
EQ066252 clamps,hose,screw, 3/4in. EA
EQ066253 clamps,hose,screw,1in. EA
EQ066253 clamps,hose,screw,1in. BOX
EQ066254 clamps,hose,screw,2in. BOX
EQ066254 clamps,hose,screw,2in. EA
EQ066622 gas lighter,hooded EA
EQ066651 flint-tips,for gas lighter BOX
EQ066651 flint-tips,for gas lighter SET
EQ067351 adapters,filter,neoprene,#1 EA
EQ067352 adapters,filter,neoprene,#2 EA
EQ067353 adapters,filter,neoprene,#3 EA
EQ067354 adapters,filter,neoprene,#4 EA
EQ067355 adapters,filter,neoprene,#5 EA
EQ067356 adapters,filter,neoprene,#6 EA
EQ067761 forceps,dissecting,curved,fine EA
EQ067762 forceps,dissecting,straight EA
EQ06821E thermometer,-10 to +260C EA
EQ06897R thermometer,-20 to +110C EA
EQ069401 tubes,mailing,7 x 1 3/4 inches EA
EQ069402 tubes,mailing,6 3/4 x 2 1/4 in EA
EQ069403 tubes,mailing,7 1/2 x 3 1/8 in EA
EQ070333 sleeves,joint,teflon,b19 EA
EQ070333 sleeves,joint,teflon,b19 PK
EQ070334 sleeves,joint,teflon,b24 PK
EQ070334 sleeves,joint,teflon,b24 EA
EQ070601 caps,NMR tube,5mm,pk/100 EA
EQ070601 caps,NMR tube,5mm,pk/100 PK
EQ070615 caps,for Bruker SampleJet NMR EA
EQ070615 caps,for Bruker SampleJet NMR PK
EQ07063C caps,for GC-MS 2mL vials,screw PK
EQ07063C caps,for GC-MS 2mL vials,screw EA
EQ070691 tags,shipping PK
EQ070701 tubing,poly,0.38mm/1.09mm BOX
EQ070701 tubing,poly,0.38mm/1.09mm CM
EQ070702 tubing,poly,0.58mm/.965mm,PE50 CM
EQ070702 tubing,poly,0.58mm/.965mm,PE50 BOX
EQ070703 tubing,poly,0.76mm/1.22mm CM
EQ070703 tubing,poly,0.76mm/1.22mm BOX
EQ070704 tubing,poly,0.86mm/1.27mm BOX
EQ070704 tubing,poly,0.86mm/1.27mm CM
EQ070705 tubing,poly,1.14mm/1.57mm CM
EQ070705 tubing,poly,1.14mm/1.57mm BOX
EQ070706 tubing,poly,1.57mm/2.08mm CM
EQ070706 tubing,poly,1.57mm/2.08mm BOX
EQ070707 tubing,poly,1.67mm/2.42mm CM
EQ070707 tubing,poly,1.67mm/2.42mm BOX
EQ071508 strap,with buckle,for gas cylinder holder EA
EQ071801 holder,for gas cylinder,BENCH-CLAMP type EA
EQ072201 film,lab,PARAFILM M,2in.x 250' EA
EQ072202 film,lab,PARAFILM,4in.x 125' EA
EQ072301 sink liner,(bar matting), 2 ft wide FT
EQ07320G sponges,cellulose,YELLOW EA
EQ07320G sponges,cellulose,YELLOW PK
EQ076921 blades,stanley knife BOX
EQ076921 blades,stanley knife EA
EQ077501 pumps,aspirator,3in.,metal EA
EQ077503 pumps,aspirator,brass,5.5in. EA
EQ07791R rubber policemen,to fit 1/8 in PK
EQ077951 rubber policemen,to fit 3/16 in PK
EQ078561 dustpan EA
EQ079501 thermometer,-2 to +300C EA
EQ079502 thermometer, -20 to +110C EA
EQ079905 belts,v,34x1/2 EA
EQ07990A belts,v,42x1/2 EA
EQ07990D belts,v,33x1/2 EA
EQ080001 towels,paper,single fold CS
EQ080001 towels,paper,single fold PK
EQ080701 mask,healthcr respirator N95 EA
EQ080701 mask,healthcr respirator N95 PK
EQ080702 mask,N95 respirator 1870+ PK
EQ080702 mask,N95 respirator 1870+ EA
EQ080704 mask,resp disp N95 W/SEAL MED/ EA
EQ080704 mask,resp disp N95 W/SEAL MED/ PK
EQ080705 mask,resp disp N95 W/SEAL SMAL PK
EQ080705 mask,resp disp N95 W/SEAL SMAL EA
EQ080706 mask,resp medical 1860S S EA
EQ080706 mask,resp medical 1860S S PK
EQ080800 mask,N95,particulate,3M 8210 EA
EQ080800 mask,N95,particulate,3M 8210 PK
EQ080805 mask,N95 3M dust,W/EV EA
EQ080805 mask,N95 3M dust,W/EV PK
EQ080806 mask,N95 3M 9210,flatfld EA
EQ080806 mask,N95 3M 9210,flatfld PK
EQ080807 mask,R95,dust,mist,odours,3M PK
EQ080807 mask,R95,dust,mist,odours,3M EA
EQ080808 mask,P95,certain dusts and mis EA
EQ080808 mask,P95,certain dusts and mis PK
EQ080809 mask,N95 3M 9211,FF D/MK,W/EV EA
EQ080809 mask,N95 3M 9211,FF D/MK,W/EV PK
EQ080810 mask,N95 3M 8110S,SMALL EA
EQ080810 mask,N95 3M 8110S,SMALL PK
EQ081950 lamps,projector,EXR,300W,82V EA
EQ081957 lamps,proj. ELH,300W,120V EA
EQ082441 tape,teflon,1/2x520in,4mil thi RL
EQ082801 spatulas,scraper,R&S blad EA
EQ085011 sharps container,1 qt. RED EA
EQ087700 gloves,rubber,reusable,# 10,X-LARGE,yellow PR
EQ087701 gloves,rubber,reusable,#  9,LARGE,yellow PR
EQ087702 gloves,rubber,reusable,#  8,MEDIUM,yellow PR
EQ087703 gloves,rubber,reusable,#  7,SMALL,yellow PR
EQ087801 tissues,facial,WHITE PK
EQ087801 tissues,facial,WHITE CS
EQ087870 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,# 10,XL,green PR
EQ087871 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,# 11,XXL,green PR
EQ087876 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,#  6,XS,green PR
EQ087877 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,#  7,SMA,green PR
EQ087878 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,#  8,MED,green PR
EQ087879 gloves,nitrile rubber,reusable,#  9,LAR,green PR
EQ088333 gloves,thin cotton,for ladies PR
EQ088337 gloves,thin cotton,for men PR
EQ088441 gloves,neoprene,100%,size 9,LARGE PR
EQ088442 gloves,neoprene,100%,size 8,MED PR
EQ088551 gloves,COTTON,protective PR
EQ08856E gloves,leather PR
EQ100706 septa,white rubber for  5mm PK
EQ100706 septa,white rubber for  5mm EA
EQ100749 septa,white rubber,smooth,b14 EA
EQ100749 septa,white rubber,smooth,b14 PK
EQ100757 septa,white rubber,smooth,b10 PK
EQ100757 septa,white rubber,smooth,b10 EA
EQ100765 septa,white rubber,smooth,b19 EA
EQ100765 septa,white rubber,smooth,b19 PK
EQ101451 septa,white rubber,smooth,b24 PK
EQ101451 septa,white rubber,smooth,b24 EA
EQ124410 septa,RED,serrated,b10,SUBA-SE EA
EQ124410 septa,RED,serrated,b10,SUBA-SE PK
EQ124591 septa,RED,serrated,b14,SUBA-SE EA
EQ124591 septa,RED,serrated,b14,SUBA-SE PK
EQ124621 septa,RED,serrated,b19,SUBA-SE PK
EQ124621 septa,RED,serrated,b19,SUBA-SE EA
EQ124664 septa,RED,serrated,22mm, ALDRI EA
EQ124664 septa,RED,serrated,22mm, ALDRI PK
EQ125281 septa,BLUE,serrated,24mm, ALDR EA
EQ125281 septa,BLUE,serrated,24mm, ALDR PK
EQ133206 cartridges,water filter,20 mic EA
EQ133509 cartridges,water filter,50 mic EA
EQ21237C connectors,hose,for condensers EA
EQ21999R eyewear retainer,for safety glasses EA
EQ292532 sugar cubes PK
EQ30609F basic first aid kit EA
EQ30613B bandaids, 3/4X3 inch, package PK
EQ30634A wipes, antimicrobial EA
EQ30634A wipes, antimicrobial PK
EQ30644G gauze pads, 3X4 inch, STERILE, EA
EQ30644G gauze pads, 3X4 inch, STERILE, PK
EQ31007V clamps,2-prong,20cm,flat jaw,s EA
EQ38338M glove liners,COTTON,SMALL/MEDI PR
EQ38338M glove liners,COTTON,SMALL/MEDI PK
EQ38346L glove liners,COTTON,MEDIUM/LAR PR
EQ38346L glove liners,COTTON,MEDIUM/LAR PK
EQ39390L forceps,student style EA
EQ42053B glasses,safety,-CUSTOM BRIDGE- EA
EQ42058G glasses,safety,OTG 3001 EA
EQ42089K glasses,safety,-SKYLINE-,black EA
EQ421011 gloves,UltraSense,XS,nitrile,s CS
EQ421011 gloves,UltraSense,XS,nitrile,s BOX
EQ421012 gloves,UltraSense,SM,nitrile,s CS
EQ421012 gloves,UltraSense,SM,nitrile,s BOX
EQ421013 gloves,UltraSense,MD,nitrile,s CS
EQ421013 gloves,UltraSense,MD,nitrile,s BOX
EQ421014 gloves,UltraSense,LG,nitrile,s BOX
EQ421014 gloves,UltraSense,LG,nitrile,s CS
EQ421015 gloves,UltraSense,XL,nitrile,s CS
EQ421015 gloves,UltraSense,XL,nitrile,s BOX
EQ421121 gloves,KC,XS,nitrile CS
EQ421121 gloves,KC,XS,nitrile BOX
EQ421132 gloves,KC,SMALL,nitrile BOX
EQ421132 gloves,KC,SMALL,nitrile CS
EQ421143 gloves,KC,MEDIUM,nitrile BOX
EQ421143 gloves,KC,MEDIUM,nitrile CS
EQ421154 gloves,KC,LARGE,nitrile CS
EQ421154 gloves,KC,LARGE,nitrile BOX
EQ421165 gloves,KC,XL,nitrile BOX
EQ421165 gloves,KC,XL,nitrile CS
EQ421206 gloves,VWR,XS,BLUE nitrile BOX
EQ421206 gloves,VWR,XS,BLUE nitrile CS
EQ421217 gloves,VWR,SM,BLUE nitrile BOX
EQ421217 gloves,VWR,SM,BLUE nitrile CS
EQ421228 gloves,VWR,MD,BLUE nitrile CS
EQ421228 gloves,VWR,MD,BLUE nitrile BOX
EQ421239 gloves,VWR,LG,BLUE nitrile CS
EQ421239 gloves,VWR,LG,BLUE nitrile BOX
EQ42128E gloves,VWR,XL,BLUE nitrile BOX
EQ42128E gloves,VWR,XL,BLUE nitrile CS
EQ421292 gloves,VWR,SM,BLACK nitrile BOX
EQ421292 gloves,VWR,SM,BLACK nitrile CS
EQ421293 gloves,VWR,MD,BLACK nitrile CS
EQ421293 gloves,VWR,MD,BLACK nitrile BOX
EQ421294 gloves,VWR,LG,BLACK nitrile BOX
EQ421294 gloves,VWR,LG,BLACK nitrile CS
EQ421295 gloves,VWR,XL,BLACK nitrile BOX
EQ421295 gloves,VWR,XL,BLACK nitrile CS
EQ421307 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz SMALL CS
EQ421307 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz SMALL BOX
EQ421318 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz MEDIUM BOX
EQ421318 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz MEDIUM CS
EQ421329 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz LARGE CS
EQ421329 gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz LARGE BOX
EQ42136E gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz XL BOX
EQ42136E gloves,EVOL.ONE,latex,sz XL CS
EQ421515 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,XS BOX
EQ421515 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,XS CS
EQ421526 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,SM CS
EQ421526 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,SM BOX
EQ421537 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,MD CS
EQ421537 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,MD BOX
EQ421548 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,LG CS
EQ421548 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,LG BOX
EQ421559 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,XL BOX
EQ421559 gloves,KEEPKLEEN,latex,XL CS
EQ422207 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz small CS
EQ422207 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz small BOX
EQ422308 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz medium CS
EQ422308 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz medium BOX
EQ422409 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz large BOX
EQ422409 gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz large CS
EQ42245E gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz EXTRA Lg CS
EQ42245E gloves,OPEX,vinyl,sz EXTRA Lg BOX
EQ425107 gloves,size 7,open fingers,cut resistant PR
EQ425118 gloves,size 8,open fingers,cut resistant PR
EQ425129 gloves,size 9,open fingers,cut resistant PR
EQ425210 gloves,size 10,open fingers,cut resistant PR
EQ426006 gloves,size 6,chemical/cut resistant PR
EQ426017 gloves,size 7,chemical/cut resistant PR
EQ426028 gloves,size 8,chemical/cut resistant PR
EQ426039 gloves,size 9,chemical/cut resistant PR
EQ426110 gloves,size 10,chemical/cut resistant PR
EQ45591L boots covers,latex,-BATA-,HAZ- PR
EQ49023F lamps,projector,FXL,410W,82V EA
EQ49399V lamp,projector,EVD,400W,36V EA
EQ500301 lab-coat,XXS,100% white cotton EA
EQ500321 lab-coat,XS,100% white cotton EA
EQ500341 lab-coat,SM,100% white cotton EA
EQ500381 lab-coat,MED,100% white cotton EA
EQ500421 lab-coat,LRG,100% white cotton EA
EQ500461 lab-coat,XL,100% white cotton EA
EQ500481 lab-coat,XXL,100% white cotton EA
EQ510519 holder,for gas cylinder,WALL-MOUNT type EA
EQ57374N napkins,paper,single ply,WHITE PK
EQ58600G needles,single use,21g,2 inch BOX
EQ58604N needles,single use,22g,4 inch BOX
EQ58696V needles,single use,16g,1 1/2 in BOX
EQ58697W needles,single use,19g,1 inch BOX
EQ58699Y needles,single use,20G,1 1/2 in BOX
EQ629643 extension cord,INDOOR,15' EA
EQ671004 cups,specimen,4oz,PP EA
EQ671004 cups,specimen,4oz,PP PK
EQ671560 cups,for Hot Coffee,poly SL
EQ672675 stir-sticks, 1000 per BOX BOX
EQ67767U tips,pipette,1250uL PK
EQ67768E tips,pipette,1000uL PK
EQ67832N tips,pipette,BULK,0.1-10uL PK
EQ67897Y tips,pipette,BULK,200uL PK
EQ68656S pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO starter KT
EQ68770P pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P2N EA
EQ68772R pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P10N EA
EQ68774T pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P20N EA
EQ68775U pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P100N EA
EQ68776V pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P200N EA
EQ68778X pipetman,-GILSON-,NEO P1000N EA
EQ71988U glasses,safety,-GENESIS-,blue EA
EQ723111 cartridge,organic vapour,for 3M masks EA
EQ723122 cartridge,organic vapour/acid gas,for 3M masks EA
EQ723133 cartridge,formaldehyde/organic vapour,for 3M masks EA
EQ723174 filter,3M P100 particulate,style 7093,for 3M masks EA
EQ72400A cartridge,organic vapor/acid gas,for SURVIVAIR EA
EQ72811S mask,FACEPIECE,3M 7501,small EA
EQ72812M mask,FACEPIECE,3M 7502,medium EA
EQ72813L mask,FACEPIECE,3M 7503,large EA
EQ72970M mask,FACEPIECE,S-AIR,medium EA
EQ72994S mask,FACEPIECE,S-AIR,small EA
EQ72999L mask,FACEPIECE,S-AIR,large EA
EQ80808L sharps container,2 gal. RED  EA
EQ83383M sponge-scrubber pad, PK of 5 EA PK
EQ85840M syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 1 ml PK
EQ85840M syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 1 ml EA
EQ85841N syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 3 ml EA
EQ85841N syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 3 ml PK
EQ85843P syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 5 ml PK
EQ85843P syringe,dispo. all PP/PE, 5 ml EA
EQ85845R syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,10 ml PK
EQ85845R syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,10 ml EA
EQ85847T syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,20 ml PK
EQ85847T syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,20 ml EA
EQ85848U syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,30 ml PK
EQ85848U syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,30 ml EA
EQ85849V syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,50 ml EA
EQ85849V syringe,dispo. all PP/PE,50 ml PK
EQ85893K syringe,dispo.30ml,rubber plung EA
EQ85893K syringe,dispo.30ml,rubber plung PK
EQ85894V syringe,dispo.5ml,rubber plung PK
EQ85894V syringe,dispo.5ml,rubber plung EA
EQ85896X syringe,dispo.60ml,rubber plung EA
EQ85896X syringe,dispo.60ml,rubber plung PK
EQ85951P syringe filter,0.22um,33mm,PES PK
EQ85957V syringe filter,0.22um,33mm,PVD PK
EQ85963S syringe filter,0.45um,33mm,PVD PK
EQ85965T syringe filter,0.2um,25mm,PTFE PK
EQ85965T syringe filter,0.2um,25mm,PTFE EA
EQ859662 syringe filter,0.2um,25mm,PTFE PK
EQ859662 syringe filter,0.2um,25mm,PTFE EA
EQ85968F syringe filter,0.2um,13mm,PTFE BOX
EQ85968F syringe filter,0.2um,13mm,PTFE EA
EQ859693 syringe filter,0.2um,13mm,PTFE PK
EQ859693 syringe filter,0.2um,13mm,PTFE EA
EQ88635R tape,duct,grey,50mm x 55m RL
EQ902001 electric powerbar, 6 outlets EA
EQ911053 twist-tie wire,with cutter EA
EQ94000A thermometer,fridge/freezer EA
EQ94502P tubes,PCR,0.2ml,cs/1000 CS
EQ94616N tubes,microcentrifuge,0.6 ml PK
EQ95515M tubes,microcent,1.5ml,NATURAL PK
EQ99878M cable ties CS
EQ99878M cable ties EA
GL005001 flasks,erlenmeyer,  25ml EA
GL005002 flasks,erlenmeyer,50ml EA
GL005003 flasks,erlenmeyer,125ml EA
GL005004 flasks,erlenmeyer,250ml EA
GL005005 flasks,erlenmeyer,500ml EA
GL005006 flasks,erlenmeyer,1000ml EA
GL005007 flasks,erlenmeyer,2000ml EA
GL005009 flasks,erlenmeyer,4000ml EA
GL005402 beakers,griffin,graduated,10ml EA
GL005403 beakers,griffin,graduated,30ml EA
GL005404 beakers,griffin,graduated,50ml EA
GL005405 beakers,griffin,graduated,100m EA
GL005406 beakers,griffin,graduated,150m EA
GL005407 beakers,griffin,graduated,250m EA
GL005408 beakers,griffin,graduated,400m EA
GL005409 beakers,griffin,graduated,600m EA
GL00540A beakers,griffin,graduated,1000ml EA
GL00540C beakers,griffin,graduated,3000ml EA
GL00540D beakers,griffin,graduated,4000ml EA
GL00540E beakers,griffin,graduated,2000ml EA
GL006125 glass rods for stirring,1/8 in EA
GL006316 glass rods for stirring,3/16 in EA
GL006410 glass rods for stirring,1/4 in EA
GL007401 funnels,bcnr,porcln, 43mm EA
GL007402 funnels,bcnr,porcln, 56mm EA
GL007403 funnels,bcnr,porcln, 83mm EA
GL007701 dishes,crystling, 70x50mm EA
GL007702 dishes,crystallizing, 80x40mm EA
GL007703 dishes,crystling, 90x50mm EA
GL007704 dishes,crystling,100x50mm EA
GL007705 dishes,crystling,150x75mm EA
GL007706 dishes,crystling,170x90mm EA
GL008101 flasks,volumetric,1ml EA
GL008103 flasks,volumetric,5ml EA
GL008104 flasks,volumetric,10ml EA
GL008105 flasks,volumetric,25ml EA
GL008106 flasks,volumetric,50ml EA
GL008107 flasks,volumetric,100ml EA
GL008108 flasks,volumetric,200ml EA
GL008109 flasks,volumetric,250ml EA
GL00810A flasks,volumetric,500ml EA
GL009331 dishes,petri,w/cover, 60x15mm SET
GL009332 dishes,petri,w/cover,100x15mm SET
GL009333 dishes,petri,w/cover,150x20mm SET
GL009334 dishes,petri,w/cover,150x15mm SET
GL010101 cylinders,graduated,class B,10ml EA
GL010102 cylinders,graduated,class B,25ml EA
GL010103 cylinders,graduated,class B,50ml EA
GL010104 cylinders,graduated,class B,100ml EA
GL010105 cylinders,graduated,class B,250ml EA
GL010106 cylinders,graduated,class B,500ml EA
GL010107 cylinders,graduated,class B,1000ml EA
GL010112 cylinders, grad. plastic base, 25 ml EA
GL01011P cylinders,grad. plastic base,10 ml EA
GL010551 funnels,buchner, 15ml C EA
GL010552 funnels,buchner, 15ml F EA
GL010553 funnels,buchner, 15ml M EA
GL010554 funnels,buchner, 30ml C EA
GL010555 funnels,buchner, 30ml F EA
GL010556 funnels,buchner, 30ml M EA
GL010557 funnels,buchner, 60ml C EA
GL010558 funnels,buchner, 60ml F EA
GL010559 funnels,buchner, 60ml M EA
GL01055A funnels,buchner,150ml M EA
GL011751 funnels, 50mm stem, 35mm diameter EA
GL011752 funnels, 65mm stem, 50mm diameter EA
GL011753 funnels, 65mm stem, 65mm diameter EA
GL011754 funnels, 75mm stem, 75mm diameter EA
GL012102 funnels,powder, 60mm diameter EA
GL012104 funnels,powder,100mm diameter EA
GL012105 funnels,powder,150mm diameter EA
GL01210A funnels,powder, 80mm diameter EA
GL013201 flasks,filtering,  25ml EA
GL013202 flasks,filtering,  50ml EA
GL013203 flasks,filtering, 125ml EA
GL013204 flasks,filtering,250ml EA
GL013205 flasks,filtering, 500ml EA
GL013206 flasks,filtering,1000ml EA
GL013207 flasks,filtering,2000ml EA
GL013208 flasks,filtering,4000ml EA
GL016011 funnels,sep.pear,250ml,PTFE st EA
GL016502 funnels,dropping,cyl,50ml,b14 EA
GL018901 flasks,dewar, 350ml EA
GL018902 flasks,dewar, 665ml, POPE EA
GL018904 flasks,dewar,1000ml,POPE EA
GL019301 flasks,dewar,HDPE,1 litre EA
GL020501 flasks,RB2N,b24-14, 250ml EA
GL020503 flasks,RB2N,b24-19, 250ml EA
GL020504 flasks,RB2N,b24-19, 500ml EA
GL022001 flasks,RBSN,b10, 5ml EA
GL022002 flasks,RBSN,b10,10ml EA
GL022021 flasks,RBSN,b14,  5ml EA
GL022022 flasks,RBSN,b14, 10ml EA
GL022023 flasks,RBSN,b14, 25ml EA
GL022024 flasks,RBSN,b14, 50ml EA
GL022025 flasks,RBSN,b14,100ml EA
GL022421 flasks,RBSN,b24,25ml EA
GL022422 flasks,RBSN,b24,50ml EA
GL022423 flasks,RBSN,b24,100ml EA
GL022424 flasks,RBSN,b24,250ml EA
GL022425 flasks,RBSN,b24, 500ml EA
GL022426 flasks,RBSN,b24,1000ml EA
GL022427 flasks,RBSN,b24,2000ml EA
GL023301 flasks,RB3NA,b14s,   50ml EA
GL023601 adapters,exp,14-19 EA
GL023602 adapters,exp,14-24 EA
GL023603 adapters,exp,19-24 EA
GL023651 adapters,reducing,b14-19 EA
GL023652 adapters,reducing,b14-24 EA
GL023653 adapters,reducing,b19-24 EA
GL023656 adapters,reducing,b24-34 EA
GL024421 flasks,RB3NA,b24-19,250ml EA
GL024422 flasks,RB3NA,b24-19,500ml EA
GL024423 flasks,RB3NA,b24-19,1000ml EA
GL025201 flasks,erlenmeyer,b14,25ml EA
GL025202 flasks,erlenmeyer,b14,50ml EA
GL025203 flasks,erlenmeyer,b19,25ml EA
GL025204 flasks,erlenmeyer,b19,50ml EA
GL025205 flasks,erlenmeyer,b24,250ml EA
GL025206 flasks,erlenmeyer,b19,125ml EA
GL025207 flasks,erlenmeyer,b24,125ml EA
GL025601 flasks,RB3NP,B24-19,250ml EA
GL026402 stopper,glass,b10/19 EA
GL026403 stopper,QF,cylind.b14/23 EA
GL026404 stopper,QF,cylind.b19/26 EA
GL026405 stopper,QF,cylind.b24/29 EA
GL026601 flasks,RBSN,b19, 25ml EA
GL026602 flasks,RBSN,b19, 50ml EA
GL026603 flasks,RBSN,b19,100ml EA
GL026604 flasks,RBSN,b19,250ml EA
GL027611 adapters,rec,vert/vac,b24 EA
GL028006 adapters,reducing,bushing,b14-24 EA
GL028007 adapters,reducing,bushing,b19-24 EA
GL028009 adapters,reducing,bushing,b24-29 EA
GL030221 funnel,PLY,61mmST,55mmDIA EA
GL030222 funnel,PLY,65mmST,66mmDIA EA
GL030233 funnel,PP,150mm,powder EA
GL030251 beakers,polymethylpentene(PMP),50ml EA
GL030252 beakers,polymethylpentene(PMP),100ml EA
GL030602 bottle,wash,LDP,250ml,top EA
GL030603 bottle,wash,LDP,500ml,top EA
GL030604 bottle,wash,LDP,wm,500ml EA
GL030605 bottle,wash,LDP,wm,1000ml EA
GL031001 condensers,liebig,b10 EA
GL031002 condensers,liebig,b19 EA
GL031003 condenser,liebig,b24 EA
GL031004 condensers,liebig,b14 EA
GL031111 condensers,air,b10 EA
GL031442 tubes,drying,straight EA
GL031451 connectors,poly,T,3/16in.id tube PK
GL031451 connectors,poly,T,3/16in.id tube EA
GL031471 connectors,poly,Y,1/8in.id tube PK
GL031471 connectors,poly,Y,1/8in.id tube EA
GL031472 connectors,poly,Y,1/4in.id tube EA
GL031472 connectors,poly,Y,1/4in.id tube PK
GL03200C cover,f/dessicator,200mm EA
GL035301 tubes,capillary,one end sealed VI
GL035302 tubes,capillary,both ends open PK
GL038002 tubes,culture,KMX,16x150mm,reusable PK
GL038002 tubes,culture,KMX,16x150mm,reusable EA
GL038401 tubes,test,10 x  75mm,reusable PK
GL038401 tubes,test,10 x  75mm,reusable EA
GL038402 tubes,test,12 x 75mm,reusable EA
GL038402 tubes,test,12 x 75mm,reusable PK
GL038403 tubes,test,13 x 100mm,reusable PK
GL038403 tubes,test,13 x 100mm,reusable EA
GL038404 tubes,test,18 x 150mm,reusable PK
GL038404 tubes,test,18 x 150mm,reusable EA
GL038405 tubes,test,25 x 150mm,reusable EA
GL038405 tubes,test,25 x 150mm,reusable PK
GL041111 vial,0.5dram,12x35mm EA
GL041111 vial,0.5dram,12x35mm PK
GL041112 vials,1dram,15x45mm PK
GL041112 vials,1dram,15x45mm EA
GL041113 vials,2dram,17x60mm EA
GL041113 vials,2dram,17x60mm PK
GL041114 vials,3dram,19x65mm EA
GL041114 vials,3dram,19x65mm PK
GL041115 vials,4dram,22x65mm EA
GL041115 vials,4dram,22x65mm PK
GL041116 vials,6dram,23x85mm EA
GL041116 vials,6dram,23x85mm PK
GL041117 vials,8dram,25x95mm EA
GL041117 vials,8dram,25x95mm PK
GL041118 vials,11dram,28x102mm PK
GL041118 vials,11dram,28x102mm EA
GL043005 pipets,measuring,2 ml in 1/100 EA
GL043102 pipets,volumetric,1ml EA
GL043103 pipets,volumetric,2ml EA
GL043104 pipets,volumetric,3ml EA
GL043105 pipets,volumetric,4ml EA
GL043106 pipets,volumetric,5ml EA
GL043107 pipets,volumetric,10ml EA
GL043108 pipets,volumetric,20ml EA
GL04310A pipets,volumetric,50ml EA
GL04310C pipets,volumetric,100ml EA
GL04310E pipets,volumetric,25ml EA
GL044501 vials,w/stoppers,1dram,14x45mm PK
GL044501 vials,w/stoppers,1dram,14x45mm EA
GL044503 vials,w/stoppers,3dram,21x50mm EA
GL044503 vials,w/stoppers,3dram,21x50mm PK
GL044504 vials,w/stoppers,4dram,25x52mm PK
GL044504 vials,w/stoppers,4dram,25x52mm EA
GL044505 vials,w/stoppers,5dram,27x55mm EA
GL044505 vials,w/stoppers,5dram,27x55mm PK
GL044701 bottle,nm,amber,round,32oz EA
GL046204 bottle,w/dropper,60ml,clear EA
GL047370 watchglasses, 25mm,polished EA
GL047371 watchglass beaker cover, 50mm EA
GL047373 watchglass beaker cover, 75mm EA
GL047378 watchglass beaker cover,150mm EA
GL048112 burette,TEFLON stopcock,50ml EA
GL070201 slides,microscope,1x3" BOX
GL070231 coverglasses,micro,18mm PK
GL07055F tubes,NMR,Norell,300 MHz,5mm x 7in EA
GL07055F tubes,NMR,Norell,300 MHz,5mm x 7in PK
GL075077 tubes,NMR,Norell,400 MHz,5mm x 7in PK
GL075077 tubes,NMR,Norell,400 MHz,5mm x 7in EA
GL075079 tubes,NMR,Wilmad,300 MHz,5mm x 9in PK
GL075079 tubes,NMR,Wilmad,300 MHz,5mm x 9in EA
GL076657 tubes,NMR,Wilmad,600 MHz,5mm x 7in PK
GL076657 tubes,NMR,Wilmad,600 MHz,5mm x 7in EA
GL077257 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,auto-sampler,5mm x 7in. PK
GL077257 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,auto-sampler,5mm x 7in. EA
GL077357 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,300 MHz,5mm x 7in. EA
GL077357 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,300 MHz,5mm x 7in. PK
GL077457 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,400 MHz,5mm x 7in. PK
GL077457 tubes,NMR,Deuterotubes,400 MHz,5mm x 7in. EA
GL078601 funnels,sep.pear,125ml EA
GL078605 funnels,sep.pear,500ml EA
GL08595C cover,f/dessicator,125mm EA
GL087601 pipets,pasteur,disposable,5.75in PK
GL087601 pipets,pasteur,disposable,5.75in CS
GL087602 pipets,pasteur,disposable,9in. PK
GL087602 pipets,pasteur,disposable,9in. CS
GL087734 pipets,LDPE,bulb draw 3.4mL EA
GL087734 pipets,LDPE,bulb draw 3.4mL PK
GL09512Q boats,weighing,SMALL,SQUARE PK
GL10638C bottle,media,NM,1000ml EA
GL106525 bottle,media,WM, 250ml EA
GL106550 bottle,media,WM, 500ml EA
GL106590 bottle,media,WM,1000ml EA
GL10696G bottle,gas washing,250ml EA
GL10809C bottles,NM,clear,round,118 ml EA
GL11365A bottle,WM,amber,round,32 ounce EA
GL113901 boats,weighing,SMALL,HEX,poly PK
GL113902 boats,weighing,MEDIUM,HEX,poly PK
GL113903 boats,weighing,LARGE,HEX,poly PK
GL11608A bottle,NM,amber,round,240 ml EA
GL116204 bottle,WM,amber,round,120 ml EA
GL129901 bottle,polyprop,nm,  30ml PK
GL129901 bottle,polyprop,nm,  30ml EA
GL129902 bottle,polyprop,nm,60ml PK
GL129902 bottle,polyprop,nm,60ml EA
GL129903 bottle,polyprop,nm,250ml PK
GL129903 bottle,polyprop,nm,250ml EA
GL129904 bottle,polyprop,nm,1000ml EA
GL129904 bottle,polyprop,nm,1000ml PK
GL12990F bottle,polyprop,nm,125ml PK
GL12990F bottle,polyprop,nm,125ml EA
GL12990K bottle,polyprop,nm,500ml PK
GL12990K bottle,polyprop,nm,500ml EA
GL130211 bottle,polyprop,wm 125ml PK
GL130211 bottle,polyprop,wm 125ml EA
GL130222 bottle,polyprop,wm,250ml EA
GL130222 bottle,polyprop,wm,250ml PK
GL130531 bottle,polyprop,wm,500ml EA
GL130531 bottle,polyprop,wm,500ml PK
GL130532 bottle,polyprop,wm,1000ml PK
GL130532 bottle,polyprop,wm,1000ml EA
GL130701 bottle,wash,LDP,wm,125ml EA
GL130702 bottle,wash,LDP,wm,250ml EA
GL132105 can,jerry,5L EA
GL132110 can,jerry,10L EA
GL134014 clamps for ground joints,b14,P EA
GL134019 clamps for ground joints,b19,P EA
GL134024 clamps for ground joints,b24,P EA
GL151281 flow-watchman EA
GL153441 disconnects,tubing size A PK
GL153441 disconnects,tubing size A SET
GL153442 disconnects,tubing size B SET
GL153442 disconnects,tubing size B PK
GL177502 pumps,aspirator,polypropylene EA
GL21825C connectors,poly,T,1/4in.id tub PK
GL21825C connectors,poly,T,1/4in.id tub EA
GL281015 dishes,petri,disposable,100x15mm CS
GL281015 dishes,petri,disposable,100x15mm SL
GL28137F dishes,petri,disposable,60x15mm CS
GL28137F dishes,petri,disposable,60x15mm SL
GL28150B dishes,petri,disposable,150x15mm SL
GL28150B dishes,petri,disposable,150x15mm CS
GL32242M bottles,wash,RTK,METH. CHLORID EA
GL32930E bottles,wash,RTK,ETHANOL,500ml EA
GL32992M bottles,wash,RTK,METHANOL,500ml EA
GL33061A bottles,wash,RTK,ACETONE,500ml EA
GL351024 bottles,spray,24oz EA
GL46778G inserts,250uL glass conical PK
GL46778G inserts,250uL glass conical EA
GL68543K pipets,serological,5ml,STERILE PK
GL68543K pipets,serological,5ml,STERILE CS
GL68551J pipets,serological,10ml,STERILE CS
GL68551J pipets,serological,10ml,STERILE PK
GL68566P pipets,serological,25ml,STERILE CS
GL68566P pipets,serological,25ml,STERILE PK
GL700203 policeman,TEFLON, 20cm   EA
GL94300G tubes,capillary,3in.x 0.4mm  PK
GL94507J tubes,culture,12x 75 mm,single use PK
GL94510D tubes,culture,13x100mm,single use PK
GL94513G tubes,culture,16x150mm,single use PK
GL94600D tubes,capillary,6in.x 0.4mm  PK
GL95015A tubes,conical,15ml,Fisher PK
GL95050B tubes,conical,50ml,Fisher PK
GL95397R tubes,conical,15ml,FALCON PK
GL95398S tubes,conical,50ml,FALCON PK
GL955432 tubes,test,25 x 200mm,reusable PK
GL955432 tubes,test,25 x 200mm,reusable EA
GL97868W vials,scintillation,w/ white screw caps EA
GL97868W vials,scintillation,w/ white screw caps PK
GL97870P vials,for LC-MS,multiple injection EA
GL97870P vials,for LC-MS,multiple injection PK
GL97872L vials,for OA-MS only,single injection EA
GL97872L vials,for OA-MS only,single injection PK
GL97880G vials,for GC-MS,2mL,clear PK
GL97880G vials,for GC-MS,2mL,clear EA
GS08090T argon (AR-T),99.996% EA
GS18150D carbon dioxide solid = DRY ICE LBS
GS448600 liquid helium L
GS44860T helium (HE4.5-T),99.995% EA
GS46840T hydrogen (HY4.5-T),99.995% EA
GS56144K air,compressed (AIBR-K),USP EA
GS642000 liquid nitrogen,BULK L
GS64230T nitrogen (NI-T),99.995% EA
GS64648T nitrogen,PP (NI4.8-T),pre-puri EA
GS67770K oxygen (OX-K),99.5% EA
IN033405 aluminium chloride,crystal 500g EA
IN051005 ammonium acetate 500g EA
IN052505 ammonium carbonate 500g EA
IN052805 ammonium chloride,certified,500g EA
IN055151 ammonium hydroxide,concentrated 2.5L EA
IN05515E ammonium hydroxide,concentrated 500mL EA
IN056305 ammonium nitrate,ACS,500g EA
IN058605 ammonium sulphate,crystal 500g EA
IN097405 barium chloride, crystal 500g EA
IN139225 bromine,100g EA
IN165205 calcium chloride 500g EA
IN166901 calcium hydride,100g EA
IN194655 ceric ammonium sulphate 500g EA
IN222705 chromium potassium sulphate 500g EA
IN264505 cupric nitrate 500g EA
IN265705 cupric sulphate 500g EA
IN394505 ferric nitrate 500g EA
IN398205 ferrous sulphate,crystal 500g EA
IN466505 hydrobromic acid 48% 500mL EA
IN466825 hydrochloric acid,SIGMA-ALDRICH,concentrated 2.5L EA
IN469105 hydrogen peroxide,30% 500mL EA
IN487405 iodine,100g EA
IN535402 lithium,wire 25g EA
IN536072 lithium aluminium hydride (LAH) 25g EA
IN547402 magnesium ribbon, 25g EA
IN54742K magnesium metal,turnings 500g EA
IN548505 magnesium chloride,crystal 500g EA
IN551805 magnesium sulphate,crystal 500g EA
IN55180A magnesium sulphate,anhydrous, 500g EA
IN55182A magnesium sulphate,anhydrous, 500g EA
IN557005 manganese sulphate 500g EA
IN631903 nickel chloride crystal 500g EA
IN632705 nickel nitrate 500g EA
IN639302 nitric acid,concentrated 2.5L EA
IN715302 phosphoric acid (ortho) 2.5L EA
IN716505 phosphorus pentoxide 500g EA
IN716601 phosphorus tribromide 100g EA
IN738405 potassium bicarbonate 500g EA
IN738705 potassium biphthalate,PRIMARY STANDARD 500g EA
IN739500 potassium bromide IR grade 25g EA
IN739505 potassium bromide,99+%,500g EA
IN73970A potassium carbonate,anhydrous 500g EA
IN739805 potassium chlorate,reagent,ACS 500g EA
IN739905 potassium chloride 500g EA
IN742257 potassium hydride 75g EA
IN742295 potassium hydroxide pellets 500g EA
IN742301 potassium hydroxide pellets 1kg EA
IN742605 potassium iodide 500g EA
IN743205 potassium nitrate,ACS,crystal,500g EA
IN744005 potassium periodate 100g EA
IN744105 potassium permanganate,500g EA
IN744205 potassium persulphate 500g EA
IN744504 potassium phosphate dibasic 500g EA
IN744605 potassium phosphate monobasic,500g EA
IN826101 silver nitrate,certified ACS,100g EA
IN83080K sodium metal,100g EA
IN830902 sodium acetate, crystal 500g EA
IN83090A sodium acetate,anhydrous 500g EA
IN832701 sodium bicarbonate,ACS 500g EA
IN833205 sodium bisulphite 500g EA
IN833255 sodium bisulphite,meta 500g EA
IN833602 sodium borohydride 25g EA
IN833615 sodium borohydride 100g EA
IN83400A sodium carbonate anhyd 500g EA
IN834301 sodium chloride, 10kg EA
IN834303 sodium chloride,3 kg,certified EA
IN83430T sodium chloride,(Coarse Pickli EA
IN837585 sodium hydroxide pellets 500g EA
IN838003 sodium hydroxide solution 1N 100mL for dilution to 0.1N EA
IN838705 sodium iodide 500g EA
IN840605 sodium nitrate, ACS 500g EA
IN842105 sodium phosphate,dibasic,ANHYDROUS 500g EA
IN84215H sodium phosphate dibasic,crystal 500g EA
IN842205 sodium phosphate,monobasic,500g EA
IN84490A sodium sulphate,anhydrous,500g EA
IN84492A sodium sulphate,anhydrous,2.5kg EA
IN84510A sodium sulphite,certified ACS 500g EA
IN846805 sodium thiosulphate 500g EA
IN856205 stannous chloride,ACS,500g EA
IN876405 sulphur sublimed powder 500g EA
IN876925 sulphuric acid,SIGMA-ALDRICH,concentrated 2.5L EA
IN978205 zinc (dust) 500g EA
IN982705 zinc sulphate 500g EA
OR004302 acetic acid,(glacial) 2.5L EA
OR004401 acetic anhydride, 1L EA
OR004405 acetic anhydride, 500mL EA
OR005200 acetone,HPLC,1L EA
OR005202 acetone,certified ACS GAL
OR005202 acetone,certified ACS  L
OR005600 acetonitrile,HPLC,1L EA
OR00572H acetonitrile,HPLC,4L,SIGMA-ALD EA
OR007305 acetylacetone 500mL EA
OR056705 ammonium oxalate 500g EA
OR085501 L-ascorbic acid 100g EA
OR106921 benzene,ACS,1L,SIGMA-ALDRICH EA
OR110005 benzoic acid 500g EA
OR110905 benzophenone 250g EA
OR113805 benzyl alcohol 500mL EA
OR114405 benzyl chloride,250g EA
OR144101 N-bromosuccinimide 250g EA
OR144705 bromophenol blue ACROS 5g EA
OR15044M 2-butanone (Methyl Ethyl Ketone),1L EA
OR152401 butyl alcohol 1L EA
OR152501 sec-butyl alcohol 1L EA
OR152601 tert-butyl alcohol 1L EA
OR154805 2-chloro-2-methylpropane (tert-butyl chloride),500mL EA
OR156331 n-butyllithium 1.6M in hexanes 100mL EA
OR181700 carbon disulphide,spectro,1L EA
OR18231H carbon tetrachloride,HPLC 1L EA
OR21120B chlorobenzene,1L,certified EA
OR212000 chloroform,HPLC,1L EA
OR212004 chloroform,ACS,4L,VWR EA
OR212184 chloroform,ACS,4L,SIGMA-ALDRIC EA
OR216251 chlorotrimethylsilane,500mL EA
OR230705 citric acid,anhyd. 500g EA
OR272801 cyclohexane,ACS certified 1L EA
OR29702B DIBAL-H 1.0 M in hexanes 100mL EA
OR303971 1,2-dichloroethane,ACS certified  500mL EA
OR308101 diethylamine,reagent,1 L EA
OR318005 diisopropylamine,99+%,500mL EA
OR323300 N,N-dimethylformamide,Spectro,1L EA
OR323304 N,N-dimethylformamide,ACS,4L EA
OR324901 dimethyl sulphoxide 1L EA
OR330001 p-dioxane 500mL EA
OR337505 EDTA disodium salt 500g EA
OR347601 EDTA (..tetraacetic acid) 500g EA
OR368500 ethyl acetate,HPLC,1L EA
OR368502 ethyl acetate,certified ACS GAL
OR368502 ethyl acetate,certified ACS  L
OR368684 ethyl acetate,HPLC,4L,SIGMA-AL EA
OR368952 ethanol,anhydrous,100% PURE 3L
OR368952 ethanol,anhydrous,100% PURE L
OR368995 ethanol,95% L
OR368995 ethanol,95% 3L
OR371381 ethyl ether,anhydrous, 1L EA
OR371564 ethyl ether,anhydrous, 4L,SIGMA EA
OR373105 ethylenediamine,99%,500mL EA
OR373504 ethylene glycol 4L EA
OR37362T ethylene glycol dimethyl ether,500mL EA
OR375301 ethyl iodide (iodoethane) 100g EA
OR409501 formaldehyde,37% solution,1 L EA
OR409805 formic acid,500mL,ACS EA
OR429003 glucose (dextrose anhyd),certified ACS,2.5kg EA
OR431904 glycerin (glycerol) 4L EA
OR452100 n-heptane, HPLC 1L EA
OR456300 hexanes,HPLC,1L EA
OR456484 hexanes,ACS,4L,SIGMA-ALDRICH EA
OR480701 imidazole,100g EA
OR489691 iodomethane,100g EA
OR505101 isooctane 1L EA
OR528101 lead (IV) acetate,100g EA
OR553801 malonic acid 100g EA
OR581400 methanol,HPLC,1L EA
OR58140L methanol,LC-MS,4L EA
OR581411 methanol,1L,reagent EA
OR581444 methanol,4L,POLY,certified ACS EA
OR593200 methylene chloride,HPLC,1L EA
OR593584 methylene chloride,4L,SIGMA-AL EA
OR596051 methyllithium, 1.6M  ALD 100mL EA
OR674501 oxalyl chloride,100g EA
OR683105 paraformaldehyde 500g EA
OR691300 n-pentane,HPLC 1L EA
OR691301 n-pentane,SPECTRO 1L EA
OR69130R pentane,HPLC,4L EA
OR697302 petroleum ether,35'- 60',certi L
OR697302 petroleum ether,35'- 60',certi GAL
OR703805 phenol,100g,ACS EA
OR704001 phenolphthalein 100g EA
OR734905 polyethylene glycol 400 1L EA
OR739601 potassium tert-butoxide 100g EA
OR761290 2-propanol,HPLC,1L EA
OR761311 2-propanol,ACS,1 L EA
OR761344 2-propanol,ACS,4L,POLY EA
OR761505 propionic acid 500mL EA
OR763001 propyl alcohol 1L EA
OR775201 pyridine,ACS,1L EA
OR841005 sodium oxalate,ACS certified 500g EA
OR868102 sucrose,1kg,ACS EA
OR890331 tetrabutylammonium fluoride (1M in THF) 100mL EA
OR892901 tetrahydrofuran,OMNISOLVE,1L EA
OR892904 tetrahydrofuran,ACS,4L EA
OR894451 N,N,N',N'-tetramethylethylenediamine 50mL EA
OR922500 toluene,HPLC,1L EA
OR922501 toluene,1 L,certified ACS EA
OR922504 toluene,4L,certified ACS EA
OR922901 p-toluenesulphonic acid,100g EA
OR931901 trichloroethylene 500mL EA
OR934201 triethylamine,reagent grade,1L EA
OR93453A trifluoroacetic acid,100mL,ALD EA
OR935382 trifluoroacetic anhydride 100g EA
OR941011 triphenylphosphine 100g EA
OR941521 tris base,for molecular biology 1kg EA
OR952505 urea 500g EA
OS000101 clips,foldback,1 5/8in. wide BOX
OS000101 clips,foldback,1 5/8in. wide EA
OS000121 clips,paper,REGULAR,1 1/4in. PK
OS000143 staples,standard,5000/pk PK
OS000181 rubber bands,0.25lb/pk,#64/#19 PK
OS000211 tape,3/4in.,REFILL,33Metres RL
OS000212 tape,19mmX32.9m,dispenser RL
OS000661 pens,overhead,BLACK,permanent EA
OS000664 pens,overhead,RED,permanent EA
OS000805 pens,HI-LITER,fluor. Yellow EA
OS000832 marker,Giant-Size,BLACK,perman EA
OS000953 pens,ballpoint,RED,medium point BOX
OS000953 pens,ballpoint,RED,medium point EA
OS105550 transparency roll,10.5in x 50f RL
OS108107 laminating pouches,letter size SH
OS108107 laminating pouches,letter size BOX
OS108118 laminating pouches,menu size SH
OS108118 laminating pouches,menu size BOX
SP003904 glue,5 minute epoxy PK
SP006602 handsoap,liquid,Soft Soap,221m EA
SP00661R handsoap,liquid,REFILL EA
SP006681 cleaner,glassware,EXTRAN 300, 1L EA
SP00669A cleaner,glassware,EXTRAN 300,4L EA
SP008795 starch,soluble 500g EA
SP035604 alumina,FISHER,basic 500g EA
SP035605 alumina,FISHER,neutral 500g EA
SP035606 alumina,FISHER,acidic 500g EA
SP051001 leak detector`SNOOP',8 oz EA
SP051061 grease,high-vacuum,150g/tube TB
SP05554M silica gel TLC plates on alumi BOX
SP06530F aluminium foil,12in. x 50 ft. RL
SP065601 cleanser EA
SP07101M grease,apiezon M,25g/tube TB
SP07102L grease,apiezon L,50g/tube TB
SP07102N grease,apiezon N,25g/tube TB
SP07870R wire,copper,18gauge,/roll RL
SP082101 brasso,metal polish,142 ml/can EA
SP105170 cleaner,glassware,FISHER,FL-70 1L EA
SP146254 buffer conc soln pH  4.00 1L EA
SP146257 buffer conc soln pH 7.00 500mL EA
SP17370P spill pillows EA
SP181307 carbon,decolor. (neutral) 500g EA
SP19153T filter aid,CELITE 545, 2.5kg EA
SP191555 filter aid,CELITE 545 500g EA
SP195500 soda lime,self-indicating,4-8 mesh 500g EA
SP20050P oil,silicone bath oil DOW-CORN L
SP27073T cleaner,for cleaning windows a EA
SP343242 drierite,w/indicator 8 mesh, 5 lb EA
SP343244 drierite,w/indicator 8 mesh,1 lb EA
SP343252 drierite,white,5 lb EA
SP343254 drierite, (white) 8 mesh, 1 lb EA
SP401645 florisil,100-200 mesh 500g EA
SP401655 florisil,60-100 mesh 500g EA
SP42500L grease,KRYTOX LVP,high vacuum TB
SP441196 bleach,liquid,5-6 percent EA
SP450775 hengar granules,4 mesh 500g EA
SP452375 hand lotion,moisturizing cream EA
SP465393 talcum powder, J & J baby powd EA
SP50501T glue,epoxy,Devcon PK
SP549962 oil,for vacuum pump,4L,#19 EA
SP59144X cleaner,Mr.CLEAN EA
SP606634 molecular sieves,3A,500g EA
SP60664P molecular sieves,4A 500g EA
SP606658 molecular sieves,5A,500g EA
SP614500 calcium chloride,dessicant,500g EA
SP647314 mercury vapour suppressant EA
SP69700H oil,paraffin,heavy,USP certified 1L EA
SP69700L oil,paraffin,light 1L EA
SP810885 sand,washed 500g EA
SP823212 silica gel G60, 70-230 mesh,SILICYCLE 1kg KG
SP823222 silica gel F60, 230-400 mesh,SILICYCLE 1kg KG
SP823255 silica gel,self-ind,ACS 500g EA
SP87016W sealant,silicone,CLEAR,80mL TB
SP999422 absorbent for acid spills EA
SP999431 absorbent for caustic spill EA
SP999441 absorbent for solvent spill EA

solvent dispensing

Solvent Dispensing

Chemistry Stores dispenses four types of solvent from large drums into smaller containers. The five solvents dispensed are:

  • 100% Ethanol (pure un-denatured grade, 200 proof)
  • 95% Ethanol
  • Acetone (ACS grade)
  • Ethyl Acetate (ACS grade)
  • Petroleum Ether (ACS grade)

Solvents will be dispensed into stainless steel containers or CSA approved plastic safety cans (gasoline jerry cans), provided by the customer.

If you do not have these containers, only ethanol can be dispensed into a 1L glass bottle (which can be purchased from Chemistry Stores). Fire regulations prohibit us from dispensing into larger than 1L glass bottles. If you want any of the others solvents consider purchasing the HPLC grade solvent in 1L (or 4L for Ethyl Acetate) containers which we also stock. Or consider purchasing safety containers from standard scientific suppliers.

Empty containers must be dropped off before 11:30 am to be filled that same day.

Filled containers can be picked up after 2:00 pm.

When picking up a container of ethanol, please bring a signed Ethyl Alcohol Dispensing Request form. The form can be printed : Ethyl Alcohol Dispensing Request PDF, or obtained from Chemistry Stores when you drop off your container.

Please note: Person picking up solvent must be an authorized user on the Journal Voucher/Speedchart used to purchase the solvent.

dry ice

Dry Ice

Dry ice is available in Room B162 by self serve. Customers must have a standing account at Chemistry Stores to collect dry ice.

For JV customers, please follow these steps for collecting dry ice:

  1. Bring insulated container to Chemistry Stores, use scale to determine tare weight of container.
  2. Collect cryo gloves and key from Chemistry Stores.
  3. Walk to end of hall, unlock dry ice room (B162). CAUTION: Always keep door open while collecting dry ice.
  4. Wear cryo gloves, collect amount of dry ice required. Options are 10lb slabs or small nuggets.
  5. Return to Chemistry Stores, replace key and gloves.
  6. Weigh full container, subtract tare weight to determine weight of dry ice collected.
  7. Find your PI’s name/speedchart in the binder, clearly print the lbs of dry ice collected, the date and your signature.

If you require more than 15lbs of dry ice on any given day, please email your order two days before you would like to pick up. Send an email to storz@chem.ubc.ca with the following info:

Group Name

Date Requested

Your Name

Phone #

Request Qty in lbs

Choose one: Nuggets, 10lb slabs or solid block.

Shipments are delivered on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday each week (if Stat holiday, delivery is moved to next business day).

Please Note: Chemistry Stores is not responsible for orders that are not picked up on the dry ice delivery day.

Chemistry Stores is closed all Statutory Holidays, Saturday and Sundays.

Customers should not remove dry ice bags from B162. They are reused. 



Chemistry Stores has a shipping service that is available to all UBC account holders. This service will provide courier and freight services as well as proper documentation for the shipping of most types of goods including vendor returns, repairs and hazardous goods. A handling fee will be charged to JV customers.

Shipping Hazardous Chemicals

Please fill out either the Chemical Shipping Form or the Chemical Shipping Form for JV Users.

For all international non-hazardous chemical shipments, including those to the U.S., a letter of compliance must be included. Please see attached letter outline for proper wording of the letter.

In addition, ALL chemical shipments to the U.S. must also have a TOXIC SUBSTANCE CONTROL ACT PART 707 (TSCA) CERTIFICATION (TSCA) form included.

Goods Being Shipped on Dry Ice

Due to the sensitive nature of goods being shipped on dry ice, please contact Shipping Dept. 24 hours prior to shipping.  

Shipping Non-Chemical Goods

Fill out the Non-Chemical Shipping Form.

Once the necessary forms are complete, please bring them and your shipment to Chemistry Stores Shipping Department and talk to one of our shippers. If no one is available, please leave direct contact information.


Laundry Service for Lab Coats

Soiled lab coats can be dropped off in the bin at Chemistry Stores to be laundered. Customers must have a standing account with Chemistry Stores to have coats cleaned. JV customers must email storz@chem.ubc.ca with the following information when dropping off lab coats (one email per speedchart/group of lab coats:

Group Name (that will be on the lab coats)

Your Name


Number of coats dropped off to be laundered.


If you work with biological materials, coats must be autoclaved before dropping off for laundering.


Please note: Each lab coat must be marked (use permanent marker) with

    PI/Group name

    Your name

    Make sure we can identify the owner of the lab coat easily – if there is no identifiable name then they cannot be returned.


Coats are picked up once per week. The cleaned coats are returned about two weeks later. Once ready for pickup from Stores, the group will be notified by email and coats will be placed in the package pickup area in the chemical room.


Chemistry Stores will not be responsible for lost or misplaced lab coats.


Supply Center



Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and more than 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.

Applied Biosystems™ instruments and reagents have been trusted in the lab for over 20 years by the world's top scientists. Researchers who demand efficiency, accuracy and gold-standard technology use Applied Biosystems™ integrated systems for sequencing, flow cytometry and real-time, digital and end point PCR—from sample prep to data analysis.

Invitrogen™ instruments and reagents are some of the most-cited products for genetic engineering, amplification, purification, quantification and analysis. From TOPO™ Cloning Kits and high-quality SuperScript™ and Platinum™ enzymes, to Dynabeads™ separation technologies and GeneArt™ Gene Synthesis, Invitrogen™ cell and molecular biology technologies are designed to help ensure that the time you invest in your research is efficient and is rewarded with the reliable results you’re counting on.

On UBC campus we operate a Supply Centre which is stocked with the hundreds of items that the research community uses most often.


As of March 14, our location has moved:

Chemistry Stores
Lower floor of Chemistry B Block, South Wing
Room B170 - 2036 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Wayfinding Map

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Temporary Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday Order Pickup (9:00 am - 10:00 am; 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm)


Chithra Vishnu Praveen
Supply Center Host

Jana Davison 
Supply Center Specialist

Angie Jansen
Bioscience Account Manager