Advising / Registration Inquiry Form


If you are a current or prospective graduate student with a registration or advising inquiry, please do not use this form but instead contact the Graduate Program Assistant

Please review our current Advising Page since the answer to your question may be there. 

CHEM courses with two components, such as lectures and integrated labs or lectures and tutorials: students need to register into both lecture and lab sections in order to complete registration. Students who do not complete all components of registration (e.g. lecture section without a lab section) will be moved to the waitlist.

We ask that undergraduate students please use this Form for all registration and advising inquiries, including but not limited to requests to change Chemistry lab or lecture sections, requests dealing with STTs, and issues dealing with course prerequisites. Please do not contact the Undergraduate Advisor or Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly for initial inquiries. If further information is necessary to handle your inquiry, you will be contacted by email.

Please do not use this Form to inquire about your status in a course waitlist. The Department’s administrators can monitor the waitlist centrally and your inquiry delays everyone’s registration, including your own. Your timetable will be verified and you will be placed if/when space becomes available in the course.

Requests are queued and processed from a central system. Please do not a) resubmit your inquiry, b) email someone else in the Department asking about your inquiry, or c) visit the Chemistry Main Office in person asking about your inquiry. The Central system will notify you when your inquiry has been processed.