MSc oral examination guidelines

  • The examining committee consists of the supervisor, and two other faculty members who are not involved in supervision of the candidate.
  • A Chair (from the annual Chemistry Department list of active chairs) is required for the examination, and is in charge of the proceedings.
  • The examination takes place in the Chemistry Department (a room will be booked by the Main Office admin staff, see
  • The exam consists of a 20 minute presentation by the candidate followed by one or two rounds of questions from the examining committee. The Chair may also ask a few questions if they wish. The MSc oral examination is a public defence and observers may be present; they may also participate in the questioning of the candidate.
  • The examination of the candidate, including presentation and questions, should not normally exceed two hours.
  • At the end of the exam, the committee will hold an in camera discussion, moderated by the Chair, and will assign a final grade.