UBC Chemistry Basic Skills Test - Information


UBC Chemistry Basic Skills Test - Information

Last page update: June 9, 2020

For the 2020 Winter Session (Sept 2020 - Dec 2020), the Department will offer split lab and lecture courses due to the coronavirus crisis. 

• CHEM 111 (4) is equivalent to CHEM 110 (3) [lecture] and CHEM 115 (1) [lab]

• CHEM 121 (4) is equivalent to CHEM 120 (3) [lecture] and CHEM 115 (1) [lab]

• CHEM 123 (4) is equivalent to CHEM 130 (3) [lecture] and CHEM 135 (1) [lab] 

The UBC Chemistry Basic Skills Test (BST) assesses the readiness of students to take CHEM 110. Determine whether you need to take the Basic Skills Test using the diagram below:

Based on the results of the Basic Skills Test, you will be informed of the introductory course that would best result in your academic success:

  • CHEM 110, an accelerated course with a lecture and lab (CHEM 115) component, covering a selection of B.C. CHEM 12 and CHEM 120 topics.


  • CHEM 100, an accelerated lecture-only course covering B.C. CHEM 11 and B.C. CHEM 12.

CHEM 110 serves as a prerequisite for CHEM 130, and CHEM 100 serves as a prerequisite for CHEM 120. Students that successfully complete CHEM 100 may enroll in CHEM 120 and 130 in future summer terms so that their academic progress is not impeded.




Summer session 1

Summer  session 2

CHEM 110

CHEM 110

CHEM 130


CHEM 100

CHEM 100


CHEM 120

CHEM 130


CHEM 100 and CHEM 110 are co-scheduled on the timetable. Students entering CHEM 110 from the wait-list will have to CHEM 115 at some point to fulfill the requirements of CHEM 111. If CHEM 115 runs in the Fall, laboratory space will be limited and students have to complete the Basic Skills Test before the deadline to secure a spot (pending the outcome of the Basic Skills Test).

For Fall 2020 - Writing the Basic Skills Test:

The Basic Skills Test is a timed, multiple choice assessment delivered online:

1) Students will register on the CHEM 110 waitlist. (Note: BSC students with Chemistry 11 may register for CHEM 110 directly and writing the BST is optional)

2) Students will sign up to write the CHEM BST using the following link:

3) Students will receive an email confirmation with instructions to take the Chemistry BST, and a deadline to complete the Chemistry BST. Students can attempt the Chemistry BST only once. Students having technical problems during the Chemistry BST may have to write a paper examination on-campus in September in order to complete their registration. Students should use the Chemistry Department Advising Inquiry Form ( to contact the Department if this occurs. 

The UBC Chemistry BST is 20-30 multiple-choice questions. Most of these questions will require the use of a calculator. A periodic table with element symbols, atomic numbers and atomic masses will be provided.

4) After you write the Chemistry BST, the Chemistry department can recommend and/or place you into a course (CHEM 100 or CHEM 110) that maximizes your chances for academic success.

5) Students who do not agree with the Department’s placement may request an interview and examination with a Chemistry faculty member in late August or early September. The examination may be oral or written. Students should use the Chemistry Department Advising Inquiry Form ( to contact the Department. 

The Chemistry Basic Skills Test asks questions related to the published learning outcomes of British Columbia CHEM 11.

Link: The B.C. Grade 11 Chemistry Learning Outcomes