aromacity forced out

Aromaticity Forced Out

What do the human body and the vacuum of interstellar space have in common? Aromatic molecules, of course! The six-membered benzene ring is the beating heart of everyday molecules like aspirin and detergents, tough materials like Kevlar, and amazing graphene, which promises to revolutionize consumer electronics. Much of this ubiquity is thanks to the stability that results when electrons are evenly spread out, or delocalized, above and below the benzene ring. The particularly strong delocalization in benzene and its derivatives is known by chemists as aromaticity. As a major stabilizing...


Jun 2 2016 -
12:30pm to 3:30pm
Xiaohua Zhang
UBC Chemistry (Withers Group)
Jun 13 2016 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm
Professor Frieder Jaekle
Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University-Newark


Congratulations to the 2015/16 UBC Undergraduate Chemistry Society!

2016 CSC Student Chapter Merit Award

Congratulations to the UBC Undergraduate Chemistry Society for being awarded the Canadian Society for Chemistry Student Chapter Merit Award third year in a row! The award will be...

New Funding for Cancer Diagnosis

Chris Orvig, with colleagues from the BC Cancer Agency (François Bénard, BC Leadership Chair in Functional Cancer Imaging) and TRIUMF (Paul Schaffer, Associate Lab Director, Life Sciences Division and Caterina Ramogida, PhD 2015), has been...

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