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Stores Services


Chemistry Stores has a shipping service that is available to all UBC account holders. This service will provide courier and freight services as well as proper documentation for the shipping of most types of goods including vendor returns, repairs and hazardous goods. A handling fee will be charged to JV customers.

Shipping Hazardous Chemicals

Please fill out either the Chemical Shipping Form or the Chemical Shipping Form for JV Users.

For all international non-hazardous chemical shipments, including those to the U.S., a letter of compliance must be included. Please see attached letter outline for proper wording of the letter.

In addition, ALL chemical shipments to the U.S. must also have a TOXIC SUBSTANCE CONTROL ACT PART 707 (TSCA) CERTIFICATION (TSCA) form included.

Goods Being Shipped on Dry Ice

Due to the sensitive nature of goods being shipped on dry ice, please contact Shipping Dept. 24 hours prior to shipping.  

Shipping Non-Chemical Goods

Fill out the Non-Chemical Shipping Form.

Once the necessary forms are complete, please bring them and your shipment to Chemistry Stores Shipping Department and talk to one of our shippers. If no one is available, please leave direct contact information.


Laundry Service for Lab Coats

Soiled lab coats can be dropped off in the bin at Chemistry Stores to be laundered. Customers must have a standing account with Chemistry Stores to have coats cleaned. JV customers must email biosupply@chem.ubc.ca with the following information when dropping off lab coats (one email per speedchart/group of lab coats:

Group Name (that will be on the lab coats)

Your Name


Number of coats dropped off to be laundered.


If you work with biological materials, coats must be autoclaved before dropping off for laundering.


Please note: Each lab coat must be marked (use permanent marker) with

    PI/Group name

    Your name

    Make sure we can identify the owner of the lab coat easily – if there is no identifiable name then they cannot be returned.


Coats are picked up once per week. The cleaned coats are returned about two weeks later. Once ready for pickup from Stores, the group will be notified by email and coats will be placed in the package pickup area in the chemical room.


Chemistry Stores will not be responsible for lost or misplaced lab coats.