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Solvent Dispensing

Solvent Dispensing

Chemistry Stores dispenses four types of solvent from large drums into smaller containers. The five solvents dispensed are:

  • 100% Ethanol (pure un-denatured grade, 200 proof)
  • 95% Ethanol
  • Acetone (ACS grade)
  • Ethyl Acetate (ACS grade)
  • Petroleum Ether (ACS grade)

Solvents will be dispensed into stainless steel containers or CSA approved plastic safety cans (gasoline jerry cans), provided by the customer.

If you do not have these containers, only ethanol can be dispensed into a 1L glass bottle (which can be purchased from Chemistry Stores). Fire regulations prohibit us from dispensing into larger than 1L glass bottles. If you want any of the others solvents consider purchasing the HPLC grade solvent in 1L (or 4L for Ethyl Acetate) containers which we also stock. Or consider purchasing safety containers from standard scientific suppliers.

Empty containers must be dropped off before 11:30 am to be filled that same day.

Filled containers can be picked up after 2:00 pm.

When picking up a container of ethanol, please bring a signed Ethyl Alcohol Dispensing Request form. The form can be printed : Ethyl Alcohol Dispensing Request PDF, or obtained from Chemistry Stores when you drop off your container.

Please note: Person picking up solvent must be an authorized user on the Journal Voucher/Speedchart used to purchase the solvent.