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Arseneau, D. J. ; Garner, D. M. ; Reid, I. D. ; Fleming, D. G. Muonium Addition Reactions And Kinetic Isotope Effects In The Gas Phase: K∞ Rate Constants For Mu + C2H2. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A Submitted, null.

In Press

Wang, J. ; Zhu, Z. ; Si, L. ; Du, Q. ; Li, H. ; Bi, W. ; Chen, D. D. Y. High Throughput Screening Of Phenoxy Carboxylic Acids With Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Followed By Direct Analysis In Real Time Mass Spectrometry. Analytica Chimica Acta In Press.
Kovalchik, K. A. ; MacLennan, M. S. ; Peru, K. M. ; Ajaero, C. ; McMartin, D. W. ; Headley, J. V. ; Chen, D. D. Y. Characterization Of Dicarboxylic Naphthenic Acid Fraction Compounds Utilizing Amide Derivatization: Proof Of Concept. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry In Press, n/a–n/a.
Wang, L. ; Yu, L. ; Grist, S. ; Cheung, K. C. ; Chen, D. D. Y. Different In Vitro Cellular Responses To Tamoxifen Treatment In Polydimethylsiloxane-Based Devices Compared To Normal Cell Culture. Journal of Chromatography B In Press.
Mustoe, C. L. ; Yu, D. ; Gunabalasingam, M. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Kennepohl, P. Probing Covalency In Halogen Bonds Through Donor K-Edge X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy: Polyhalides As Coordination Complexes. Faraday Discussions In Press.
Kong, N. ; Fu, L. ; Peng, Q. ; Li, H. Metal Chelation Dynamically Regulates The Mechanical Properties Of Engineered Protein Hydrogels. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering In Press.


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