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trans-Tetrachlorobis(triphenylphosphine-P)-rhenium(IV)-mer-trans-trichlo rooxobis(triphenylphosphine-P)rhenium(V) (0.86/0.14)

Titletrans-Tetrachlorobis(triphenylphosphine-P)-rhenium(IV)-mer-trans-trichlo rooxobis(triphenylphosphine-P)rhenium(V) (0.86/0.14)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsLuo, HY, Orvig, C, Rettig, SJ
JournalActa Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications
Date PublishedJun
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0108-2701

trans-Tetrachlorobis (triphenylphosphine)rhenium(rv), (1), is isomorphous with the triclinic polymorph of mer-trans-trichlorooxobis (triphenylphosphine)rhenium(v), (2) [Lebuis & Beauchamp (1993). Cart. J. Chem. 71, 441-449]. The sample of (1) has been partially oxidized (14-25%) to (2) by aerial oxidation, resulting in the title compound, [ReCl4(C18H15P)(2)](0.86)-[ReCl3O(C18H15P)(2)](0.14). In the crystal lattice, the oxo ligand is located primarily at one of six possible sites. The molecules have tuans-octahedral coordination geometry, with Re-P distances in the range 2.564(1)-2.580 (1) Angstrom, having a mean value of 2.571(7) Angstrom, and Re-Cl distances in the range 2.291(3)-2.339 (1)Angstrom.

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