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Synthetic and biosynthetic routes to nitrogen–nitrogen bonds

TitleSynthetic and biosynthetic routes to nitrogen–nitrogen bonds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsHe, H-Y, Niikura, H, Du, Y-L, Ryan, KS
JournalChem. Soc. Rev.

The nitrogen–nitrogen bond is a core feature of diverse functional groups like hydrazines{,} nitrosamines{,} diazos{,} and pyrazoles. Such functional groups are found in >300 known natural products. Such N–N bond-containing functional groups are also found in significant percentage of clinical drugs. Therefore{,} there is wide interest in synthetic and enzymatic methods to form nitrogen–nitrogen bonds. In this review{,} we summarize synthetic and biosynthetic approaches to diverse nitrogen–nitrogen-bond-containing functional groups{,} with a focus on biosynthetic pathways and enzymes.