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Congratulations to Victoria Bass

Congratulations to Victoria Bass, who was awarded the best undergraduate oral presentation award in the Chemistry Education division at the CSC 2015 in Ottawa (supervisor: Jackie Stewart)

Congratulations Dr. Dan Bizzotto!

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Bizzotto! Dr. Bizzotto has been selected as the winner of the Prix Jacques Tacussel, in recognition of his contribution to the development of in situ electrochemical fluorescence microscopy and its application to molecular and biomolecular adsorption. The prize will be presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Den Haag, Netherlands, where Dr. Bizzotto will be delivering an award lecture to illustrate main achievements of his work. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Rhett Baillie!

Rhett Baillie Named Recipient of the 2015 Edward Piers Memorial Award in Organic Chemistry

This annual award is offered in memory of Dr. Edward Piers and in celebration of his distinguished career in the Department of Chemistry.  It is awarded to a graduate student in any branch of organic chemistry (including synthetic, bioorganic, organometallic, or materials) who demonstrates qualities of academic excellence, experimental skill, and dedication to the field through...

The Ryan Group's Manuscript Featured on Cover of ACS Synthetic Biology

Work from the Ryan Group on the cover of ACS Synthetic Biology

The Ryan Group’s manuscript describing the combinatorial engineering of biosynthetic genes to generate new molecules is currently featured on the cover of ACS Synthetic Biology.

Link to article:

Congratulations to Dr. Melanie Higgins!

Congratulations to Dr. Melanie Higgins!

Dr. Higgins, a postdoctoral fellow in the Ryan group, received a 2015 Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Trainee Award in the Biomedical Division. She was awarded funding for the development of new antibiotics for the treatment of MRSA.

Michael Smith Foundation Health Research Trainee Awards are awarded in four divisions of health research to provide support to up-and-coming researchers across British Columbia.

Congratulations Dr. Roman Krems!

Congratulations Dr. Roman Krems! Dr. Krems has been named a Kavli Fellow of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences at the Korean-American Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium on June 16-18, 2015 in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea. The Kavli Frontiers of Science bring together young researchers who have already made recognized contributions to science, including recipients of major national fellowships and awards and who have been identified as future leaders in science. Since its inception in...

Congratulations to Love Research Group Graduate Students Awarded Poster Prizes at CSC 2015 in Ottawa!

Congratulations to the Love Research Group graduate students for winning Poster Prizes at the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) conference this year in Ottawa (

Marcus W. Drover, 2nd Place in Inorganic Divison

Addison N. Desnoyer, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Russ Algar!


Congratulations to Dr. Russ Algar. He has been selected to be one of the four young faculty speakers for the Inaugural Emerging Materials Chemistry Investigator Symposium at the CSC Conference in Ottawa, Ontario from June 13-17, 2015. Congratulations!

More details at:

The Love and Schafer groups article is featured on the cover of Organometallic

The Love and Schafer groups article is featured on the cover of Organometallic

Amidate-Ligated Complexes of Rhodium(I): A Showcase of Coordination Flexibility

A series of rhodium(I) amidate complexes have been prepared and characterized in the solution and solid state. For these new complexes, three different ligand coordination modes (κ2-N,O, μ2-N,O, and κ1-O) have been identified. One complex was effective for catalytic oxygen atom transfer using O2. In contrast to Wilkinson's catalyst (RhCl(PPh3) 3), κ2-N,O coordination helps to obviate...

Congratulations to Isaac Martens

Congratulations to Isaac Martens

Congratulations to Dr. Dan Bizzotto’s graduate student, Isaac Martens. He is the recipient of the J. Peter Hobson Prize best student oral presentation at Surface Canada 2015.

Peter Hobson was a founding member of the Division of Surface Science Executive in 1979. He served as vice-Chair on the first Executive and participated in the discussions with the CAP and CIC on the formation of the Division. He regularly attended Surface Canada conferences since their inception in 1967. The...

ACS Photonics

Congratulations to The Algar Research Group

Their research has been featured on the cover of the current issue of the journal ACS Photonics (May 20, 2015: Vol. 2, Iss. 5).

DNA-based nanostructures are being extensively explored as promising building blocks in the design of optical devices and electronic circuitry. In this Article, Massey and co-workers studied a time-gated Förster resonance energy transfer cascade between fluorescent dyes along the length of a 15 nm DNA photonic wire. The cover illustrates the cascade...

The Algar group is featured on the inside cover of Analyst


Single-step bioassays in serum and whole blood with a smartphone, quantum dots and paper-in-PDMS chips by Eleonora Petryayevaa and  Dr Russ Algar.

Current issue:!issueid=an140012&type=current&issnprint=0003-2654

Inside front cover: ...

Blood for all: Making universal blood through enzymes

Blood for all: Making universal blood through enzymes

Universal blood is an appealing notion because it could be transfused into anyone regardless of blood type. Researchers have been kicking around the idea of using enzymes to create universal blood since the early 1980s, “but a major limitation has always been the efficiency of the enzymes,” says Stephen Withers at the University of British Columbia. “Impractically large amounts of enzyme were needed.”

Now in a paper just out in the...

Congratulations to Chad Atkins

Congratulations to Chad Atkins

Congratulations to Chad Atkins. He is the recipient of the 2014-2015 UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award​.

UBC’s Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards have been given annually since 1996 / 1997 to sixteen UBC Teaching Assistants. The award recognizes the valuable role that teaching assistants play in our undergraduate programs, sending an important message to students (both undergraduate and graduate) that UBC values teaching. Successful candidates will have met criteria ...

Congratulations to Dr. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

Congratulations to Dr. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

Congratulations to Dr. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi. She is the recipient of the 2015 Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation was established by Germany in order to promote international cooperation in research. The Humboldt Research Fellowship Program supports highly qualified post-doctoral scholars of all nationalities and disciplines so that they may carry out long-term...

Postdoc receives UBC Postdoctoral Fellows Travel Award

Postdoc receives UBC Postdoctoral Fellows Travel Award

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Musgrove. She is the recipient of the UBC Postdoctoral Fellows Travel Award.

As part of UBC's ongoing efforts to support its young research talent, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and UBC Science offer a travel award program for postdoctoral fellows. It is designed to assist PDFs with travel to conferences in order to present research performed at UBC. The Faculty of Science allocates...

Congratulations to Dr. Mark MacLachlan

Congratulations to Dr. Mark MacLachlan

Congratulations to Dr. Mark MacLachlan, he has been awarded the 2014 Steacie Prize in the natural sciences, Canada’s top award for young scientists and engineers. The award recognizes MacLachlan’s outstanding research and scholarly contributions to the field of supramolecular inorganic chemistry.

“I’m honoured to receive the prize – I can only surmise there were no other nominees! I owe this award to the outstanding current and past students, post-docs, and collaborators I’ve been...

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Chemistry Society!

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Chemistry Society

The Undergraduate Chemistry Society (UCS) received the 2014/15 Helen McCrae Award. Dr. Helen McCrae served UBC as a professor of Social Work and Dean of Women from 1959 to 1973. Her community contributions have extended from UBC to the United Nations in her efforts to improve educational opportunities and the lives of women and children. This award is granted to recognize a service for students provided by the AMS, GSS, or UBC in honour of her commitment and contributions to community. ...

Chemists develop new way to make cost-effective material for electricity storage

Chemists develop new way to make cost-effective material for electricity storage

Photo credit: Danielle Salvatore

University of British Columbia researchers have found a new way to make state-of-the-art materials for energy storage using a cheap lamp from the hardware store.

The researchers wanted to find a better way to make coatings that can be painted onto surfaces to conduct electricity or convert electricity into hydrogen fuels. Typically these coatings are developed in extreme conditions with expensive tools and materials. But the...

A place in the Sun: A new generation of solar cells

A place in the Sun: A new generation of solar cells

UBC microbiologist J. Thomas Beatty, bioengineer John Madden and chemist Curtis Berlinguette are working across disciplines to develop a new generation of solar cells. Their inspiration? Mother nature.

It looked like a battery to him.

What J. Thomas Beatty was studying was a protein, but the more he thought about it the more he realized that photosynthesis proteins could behave like batteries. They do have, after all, negative and positive charges on opposing sides. But Beatty...