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Molecular Property-Tailored Soy Protein Extraction Process Using a Deep Eutectic Solvent

TitleMolecular Property-Tailored Soy Protein Extraction Process Using a Deep Eutectic Solvent
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsChen, Q, Chaihu, L, Yao, X, Cao, X, Bi, W, Lin, J, Chen, DDY
JournalACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Start Page10083
Date Published07/2021

Using soy protein as a model and deep eutectic solvent as the extraction solvent, the effects of key factors on the extraction of soy protein based on monitoring its molecular properties were systematically studied. The conditions for the recovery of soy protein from deep eutectic solvents were explored and optimized using the response surface methodology. In addition, the influence of the deep eutectic solvent on the structure and physicochemical properties of soy protein was studied using various characterization techniques. The results showed that the hydrogen bonding interaction in the deep eutectic solvent could affect the protein extraction, and the hydrophobic interaction also played an important role in the protein extraction. Moreover, the deep eutectic solvent caused protein denaturation and other changes in the protein, thus affecting the further applications of soy proteins. This study should provide reference and guidance for green extraction of other proteins by deep eutectic solvents in laboratory or industry and provide a basis for the utilization of soy or other proteins extracted from such processes.