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Vishakha Monga


Research and Teaching Interests

Currently teaching:

Lecture courses: 

Chem 250 - Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers

Laboratory courses:

Chem 111 - Principles of Chemistry (labs)

Chem 315/325/335/345 - Integrated Chemistry Laboratories

Chem 445 - Projects in Experimental Chemistry

Previously taught:

Chem 121 - Structural Chemistry, with Application to Chemistry of the Elements



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Chemistry B470A
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Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc. (Hons., Biological Chemistry), McMaster University (1998)

Ph.D. (Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry), University of British Columbia (Prof. Orvig, 2004)



Keller, B. O. ; Wu, B. T. ; Li, S. S. ; Monga, V. ; Innis, S. M. Hypaphorine Is Present In Human Milk In Association With Consumption Of Legumes. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2013, 61.


Zhang, Y. A. ; Monga, V. ; Orvig, C. ; Wang, Y. A. Theoretical Studies Of The Tautomers Of Pyridinethiones. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2008, 112, 3231-3238.


Kovacs, M. S. ; Monga, V. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Orvig, C. Lanthanide(Iii) And Group 13 Metal Ion Complexes Of Tripodal Amino Phosphinate Ligands. Dalton Transactions 2006, 31-38.


Monga, V. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Orvig, C. Group 13 And Lanthanide Complexes With Mixed O,s Anionic Ligands Derived From Maltol. Inorganic Chemistry 2005, 44, 2666-2677.
Monga, V. ; Thompson, K. H. ; Yuen, V. G. ; Sharma, V. ; Patrick, B. O. ; McNeill, J. H. ; Orvig, C. Vanadium Complexes With Mixed O,s Anionic Ligands Derived From Maltol: Synthesis, Characterization, And Biological Studies. Inorganic Chemistry 2005, 44, 2678-2688.


Beyere, L. ; Arboleda, P. ; Monga, V. ; Loppnow, G. R. The Dependence Of Thymine And Thymidine Raman Spectra On Solvent. Can. J. Chem. 2004, 82.