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Synthesis of 5-Amino-oxazole-4-carboxylates from α-Chloroglycinates.

TitleSynthesis of 5-Amino-oxazole-4-carboxylates from α-Chloroglycinates.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsZhang, J, Coqueron, P-Y, Vors, J-P, Ciufolini, MA
JournalOrganic Letters
Pagination3942 - 3945
Date Published2010///
ISBN Number1523-7060
Keywordsaluminum Lewis acid cyclocondensation promoter, aminooxazole carboxylate prepn, cyanide ion chloroglycinate cyclocondensation aluminum Lewis acid, isonitrile chloroglycinate cyclocondensation aluminum Lewis acid

Aluminum-based Lewis acids are effective promoters of the condensation of α-chloroglycinates with isonitriles or with cyanide ion, leading to the formation of 5-amino-oxazoles, e.g., I (R1 = Me, Ph; R2 = H, n-Bu, t-Bu, PhCH2). [on SciFinder(R)]