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Self-healing behavior of aminated polyolefins with dynamic associations

TitleSelf-healing behavior of aminated polyolefins with dynamic associations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsYavitt, BM, Tomkovic, T, Gilmour, DJ, Kuanr, N, van Ruymbeke, E, Schafer, LL, Hatzikiriakos, SG

The rheological and self-healing behavior of a class of catalytically synthesized amine functionalized polyolefins is investigated. These materials possess tunable rheological properties and display autonomous self-healing. The linear viscoelastic properties are modelled using a tube based Time Marching Algorithm to calculate several model parameters that describe the individual chain dynamics. The self-healing response is described by findings from the reptation model as well as recent theory on associating polymer networks with reversible bonds.