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Refractive index measurements of solid parahydrogen

TitleRefractive index measurements of solid parahydrogen
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPerera, M, Tom, BA, Miyamoto, Y, Porambo, MW, Moore, LE, Evans, WR, Momose, T, McCall, BJ
Date PublishedMAR 15

Solid para-H-2 is a promising gain medium for stimulated Raman scattering, due to its high number density and narrow Raman linewidth. In preparation for the design of a cw solid hydrogen Raman laser, we have made the first measurements, to our knowledge, of the index of refraction of a solid para-H-2 crystal, in the wavelength range of 430-1100 nm. For a crystal stabilized at 4.4 K, this refractive index is measured to be n(p-H2) 1.130 +/- 0.001 at 514 nm. A slight, but significant, dependence on the final crystal-growth temperature is observed, with higher n(p-H2) at higher crystal-growth temperatures. Once a crystal is grown, it can be heated up to 10 K with no change in n(p-H2). The refractive index varies only slightly over the observed wavelength range, and no significant birefringence was observed. (C) 2011 Optical Society of America