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Orbital momentum profiles and binding energy spectra for the complete valence shell of molecular fluorine

TitleOrbital momentum profiles and binding energy spectra for the complete valence shell of molecular fluorine
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsZheng, Y, Brion, CE, Brunger, MJ, Zhao, K, Grisogono, AM, Braidwood, S, Weigold, E, Chakravorty, SJ, Davidson, ER, Sgamellotti, A, vonNiessen, W
Date PublishedDEC 1

The first electronic structural study of the complete valence shell binding energy spectrum of molecular fluorine, encompassing both the outer and inner valence regions, is reported. These binding energy spectra as well as the individual orbital momentum profiles have been measured using an energy dispersive multichannel electron momentum spectrometer at a total energy of 1500 eV, with an energy resolution of 1.5 eV and a momentum resolution of 0.1 a.u. The measured binding energy spectra in the energy range of 14-60 eV are compared with the results of ADC(4) many-body Green's function and also direct-CI and MRSD-Cl calculations. The experimental orbital electron momentum profiles are compared with SCF theoretical profiles calculated using the target Hartree-Fock approximation with a range of basis sets and with Density Functional Theory predictions in the target Kohn-Sham approximation with non-local potentials. The truncated (aug-cc-pv5z) Dunning basis sets were used for the Density Functional Theory calculations which also include some treatment of correlation via the exchange and correlation potentials. Comparisons are also made with the full ion-neutral overlap amplitude calculated with MRSD-Cl wavefunctions. Large, saturated basis sets (199-GTO) were employed for both the high level SCF near Hartree-Fock limit and MRSD-Cl calculations to investigate the effects of electron correlation and relaxation.