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Micrococcin P1: Structure, biology and synthesis.

TitleMicrococcin P1: Structure, biology and synthesis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsCiufolini, MA, Lefranc, D
JournalNatural Product Reports
Pagination330 - 342
Date Published2010///
ISBN Number0265-0568
Keywordsreview antibiotic cyclic thiopeptide micrococcin prepn structure biol activity

A review. Micrococcin P1, is an antibiotic that exhibits noteworthy antibacterial, antiprotozoal, antimalarial, cytotoxic, and gene-modulating activities. This notwithstanding, its precise structure remained undefined until mid-2009, when our group carried out the total synthesis of a substance that proved to be spectroscopically and polarimetrically identical to the natural product. This work lifted all structural and stereochem. ambiguities that have surrounded micrococcin since its discovery. Of course, knowledge of the precise structure of the mol. is essential in understanding intimate details of its mode of action and in charting possible medicinal chem. activity. This review summarizes present knowledge about the sources, properties, and chem. synthesis of micrococcin P1. [on SciFinder(R)]