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Low-energy spin-polarized radioactive beams as a nano-scale probe of matter

TitleLow-energy spin-polarized radioactive beams as a nano-scale probe of matter
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKiefl, RF, MacFarlane, WA, Morris, GD, Amaudruz, P, Arseneau, D, Azumi, H, Baartman, R, Beals, TR, Behr, J, Bommas, C, Brewer, JH, Chow, KH, Dumont, E, Dunsiger, SR, Daviel, S, Greene, L, Hatakeyama, A, Heffner, RH, Hirayama, Y, Hitti, B, Kreitzman, SR, Levy, CDP, Miller, RI, Olivo, M, Poutissou, R
JournalPhysica B
Pagination189 - 195

We have commissioned a polarized low-energy 8Li ion beam line, which together with a high-field β-NMR spectrometer, can act as sensitive new probe of thin films and interfaces. The implantation energy can be continuously adjusted from 1 to 90 keV and the maximum polarization achieved thus far is 80%. This instrument opens up new applications for β-NMR which parallel and complement efforts with low-energy muons. For example, it is possible to probe the magnetic field distribution near the surface of a material by stopping a polarized 8Li beam in a thin overlayer of Ag. Since the 8Li adopts a site with cubic symmetry in Ag there is no quadrupolar splitting of the resonance, and the 8Li acts as a purely magnetic sensor.