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Hyperfine fields in thin Pd films by beta-detected \NMR\

TitleHyperfine fields in thin Pd films by beta-detected \NMR\
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsParolin, TJ, Salman, Z, Chakhalian, J, Song, Q, Chow, KH, Morris, GD, Egilmez, M, Fan, I, Hossain, MD, Keeler, TA, Kiefl, RF, Kreitzman, SR, Levy, CDP, Mansour, AI, Miller, RI, Pearson, MR, Saadaoui, H, Smadella, M, Wang, D, Xu, M, MacFarlane, WA
JournalPhysica B: Condensed Matter
Pagination917 - 919
KeywordsThin film

Using low energy beta-detected nuclear magnetic resonance ( β \{NMR\} ) , the Knight shift and spin–lattice relaxation rate of dilute 8 Li + implanted into a 28 nm Pd film on a MgO substrate were studied as a function of temperature. The shift of the resonance is negative, but much smaller in magnitude than observed in two other much thicker samples. The corresponding spin–lattice relaxation rates are found to be linear with temperature T, but are roughly 50% slower than the rates measured in a Pd foil. Potential explanations are discussed.