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Hydroelementation of Unsaturated C–C Bonds Catalyzed by Metal Scorpionate Complexes

TitleHydroelementation of Unsaturated C–C Bonds Catalyzed by Metal Scorpionate Complexes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsWathier, M, Love, JA
JournalEuropean Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
KeywordsALKENES, ALKYNES, Hydroalkoxylation, HYDROAMINATION, Hydroelementation, Hydrophosphinylation, Hydrothiolation, Scorpionate ligands

Tridentate scorpionate ligands have a rich history in coordination chemistry. In the past two decades, metal complexes bearing scorpionate ligands have found increasing utility as catalysts for a variety of useful transformations. This microreview focuses on the utility of scorpionate ligands in hydroelementation of carbon–carbon unsaturated bonds, focusing specifically on hydrothiolation, hydroamination, hydroalkoxylation and hydrophosphinylation of alkenes and alkynes. In each example, the solid phase and solution phase coordination and fluxionality of the scorpionate ligand will be discussed.