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Engineering glycosidases for constructive purposes

TitleEngineering glycosidases for constructive purposes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsJakeman, DL, Withers, SG
EditorTeeri, TT, Svensson, B, Gilbert, HJ, Feizi, T
PublisherBo Rydin Fdn Sci Res; Swedish Natl Sci Res Council; Swedish Council Forestry & Agr Res; Appl Biosyst; Genencor Int Inc; Neose Technologies Inc; Micromass AB; Novozymes; Eka Chm; Ezaki Glio Co Ltd; Amano Enzyme Inc; Nihon Shokuhin Kako Co Ltd; Nagase Bioch
ISBN Number0-85404-826-X

The synthesis of oligosaccharides using glycosidases as catalysts has been known formany years, but has been limited by the poor yields generally associated with such processes due to hydrolysis. Glycosynthases, mutant glycosidases in which the catalytic nucleophile has been replaced, offer an alternative form of catalyst that synthesizes glycosides from readily prepared glycosyl fluorides, but does not hydrolyze the glycoside products. The range of reactions performed by these enzymes is being extended through mutation of number of different glycosidases, as well as through random mutation of known glycosynthases, coupled with efficient screens.