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Elastic and inelastic collisions of (2)Sigma molecules in a magnetic field

TitleElastic and inelastic collisions of (2)Sigma molecules in a magnetic field
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCui, J, Krems, RV
Date PublishedOCT 11

We calculate the cross sections for elastic scattering and Zeeman relaxation in binary collisions of molecules in the rovibrational ground state of a (2)Sigma electronic state and the Zeeman state with the electron spin projection M-S = 1/2 on the magnetic field axis. This is the lowest-energy state of (2)Sigma molecules confined in a magnetic trap. The results are averaged over calculations with multiple molecule-molecule interaction potentials, which yield the expectation intervals for the cross sections and the elastic-to-inelastic cross-section ratios. We find that the elastic-to-inelastic cross-section ratios under conditions corresponding to trapped molecular ensembles at T similar to 10(-3) K exceed 100 for the majority of (2)Sigma molecules. The range of (2)Sigma molecules expected to be collisionally unstable in magnetic traps at T < 10(-3) K is limited to molecules with the spin-rotation interaction constant gamma(SR) > 0.5 cm(-1) and the rotational constant B-e < 4 cm(-1).