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Collisional decoherence of internal-state superpositions in a trapped ultracold gas

TitleCollisional decoherence of internal-state superpositions in a trapped ultracold gas
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHemming, CJ, Krems, RV
Date PublishedMAY

We analyze collisional decoherence of atoms or molecules prepared in a coherent superposition of nondegenerate internal states at ultralow temperatures and placed in an ultracold buffer gas. Our analysis is applicable for an arbitrary bath-particle to tracer-particle mass ratio. Both elastic and inelastic collisions contribute to decoherence. We obtain an expression relating the observable decoherence rate to pairwise scattering properties, specifically the scattering lengths and low-temperature scattering amplitudes. We consider the dependence on the bath-particle to tracer-particle mass ratio for the case of light bath and heavy tracer particles. The expressions obtained may be useful in low-temperature applications where accurate estimates of decoherence rates are needed. The results suggest a method for determining the scattering lengths of atoms and molecules in different internal states by measuring decoherence-induced damping of coherent oscillations.