Chemistry 405: Biophysical chemistry

Course Level: 
Fourth Year
Academic Year: 


This course introduces students to the fundamental principles behind a range of techniques used by biophysical chemists to study interesting biological systems. After a brief review of the building blocks of biomolecules (proteins, DNA/RNA, carbohydrates, lipids) and methods to quantify concentrations (absorbance), students will learn about methodology to determine structure (i.e. circular dichroism, NMR, X-ray/neutron crystallography). Next, the course will cover in silico methods to study biomolecular dynamics (i.e. Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics simulations). Methods to look at structures of bigger complexes, as well as molecular interactions will also be covered: light scattering, fluorescence, electron microscopy, SAXS/SANS, calorimetry, SPR, DSF, newer methods.