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Carl Michal


Research and Teaching Interests

My research group studies a wide variety of materials, primarily using solid-state NMR.

We study materials such as white matter brain tissue, understanding the contrast mechanisms that underlie MRI techniques. We study nanomaterials such as cellulose nanocrystals, as well as transport in polymer gels and electrolytes.

We also work on NMR methods development.

Please see my research web page here. or get in touch with me at: michal phas.ubc.ca.


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Hennings 411
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Hennings 100
Lab Phone: 
604 822-2432
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Terpstra, A. S. ; Shopsowitz, K. E. ; Gregory, C. F. ; Manning, A. P. ; Michal, C. A. ; Hamad, W. Y. ; Yang, J. ; MacLachlan, M. J. Helium Ion Microscopy: A New Tool For Imaging Novel Mesoporous Silica And Organosilica Materials. Chemical Communications 2013, 49, 1645.


Hui, J. K. - H. ; Frischmann, P. D. ; Tso, C. - H. ; Michal, C. A. ; MacLachlan, M. J. Spontaneous Hierarchical Assembly Of Crown Ether-Like Macrocycles Into Nanofibers And Microfibers Induced By Alkali-Metal And Ammonium Salts. Chemistry‚ÄďA European Journal 2010, 16, 2453-2460, S2453/1-S2453/11.

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