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Jones, N. D. ; Rettig, S. J. ; James, B. R. Platinum(Ii)-Silver(I) Polymers Bearing Platinum(Ii) Clusters Containing Chelated P,p- And Bridged P, N-2-Pyridylphosphine Ligands. Journal of Cluster Science 1998, 9, 243-258.
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Burojevic, S. ; Shweky, I. ; Bino, A. ; Summers, D. A. ; Thompson, R. C. Synthesis, Structure And Magnetic Properties Of An Asymmetric Dinuclear Oxocitratovanadate(Iv) Complex. Inorganica Chimica Acta 1996, 251, 75-79.
Rainwater, J. C. ; Snider, R. F. The Equilibrium Pair Distribution Function Of A Gas - Aspects Associated With The Presence Of Bound-States. Journal of Chemical Physics 1993, 99, 9111-9121.