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Jones, N. D. ; Meessen, P. ; Losehand, U. ; Patrick, B. O. ; James, B. R. Platinum(Ii) And Palladium(Ii) Complexes Of Bisphosphine Ligands Bearing O-N,n-Dimethylanilinyl Substituents: A Hint Of Catalytic Olefin Hydration. Inorganic Chemistry 2005, 44, 3290-3298.
Jones, N. D. ; Meessen, P. ; Smith, M. B. ; Losehand, U. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Patrick, B. O. ; James, B. R. Bisphosphine Ligands Containing Two O-N,n-Dimethylanilinyl Substituents At Each Phosphorus Atom. Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 2002, 80, 1600-1606.
Kovacs, M. S. ; Hein, P. ; Sattarzadeh, S. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Emge, T. J. ; Orvig, C. Complexes Of Phosphine-Phenolate Ligands With The [Re=O](3+) And [Re(Hnnc5H4N)(Nnc5H4N)](2+) Cores. Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions 2001, 3015-3024.