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$\beta$-NMR Study of a buried Mn $δ$-doped layer in a silicon host

Title$\beta$-NMR Study of a buried Mn $δ$-doped layer in a silicon host
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCortie, D, Buck, T, McFadden, RML, Xiao, J, Levy, CDP, Dehn, M, Pearson, M, Morris, GD, Dunsiger, SR, Kiefl, RF, Rueß, FJ, Fuhrer, A, MacFarlane, WA
JournalJ. Phys.: Conf. Ser.

Low temperature growth methods were used to encapsulate a buried Mn δ-doping layer into a silicon host. A β -NMR investigation was performed of the magnetic properties in the temperature range 10 – 300 K using spin-polarized 8 Li + . A depth-dependent broadening and shift of the NMR resonance was detected that is consistent with internal fields distributed at depths of 10 – 30 nm beneath the surface. At low temperatures, a negative relative shift occurred and the resonance was significantly broadened. At 300 K the line-shape could be described by a single Gaussian line, however, at 10 K the line is best approximated by a two component Lorentzian shape consisting of a broad and narrow component as anticipated for a diluted magnetic alloy. The overall magnitude of the resonance shift at both temperatures is small suggesting a weak interaction between the 8 Li + and the magnetic Mn environment.