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$\beta$-NMR of 8 Li + in rutile TiO 2

Title$\beta$-NMR of 8 Li + in rutile TiO 2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMcFadden, RML, Cortie, DL, Arseneau, DJ, Buck, TJ, Chen, C-C, Dehn, MH, Dunsiger, SR, Kiefl, RF, Levy, CDP, Li, C, Morris, GD, Pearson, MR, Samuelis, D, Xiao, J, Maier, J, MacFarlane, WA
JournalJ. Phys.: Conf. Ser.

We report preliminary low-energy β -NMR measurements of 8 Li + implanted in single crystal rutile TiO 2 at an applied field of 6.55 T and 300 K. We observe a broad 12 kHz wide quadrupole split resonance with unresolved features and a sharp component at the Larmor frequency. The line broadening may be caused by overlapping multi-quantum transitions or motion of 8 Li + on the scale of its lifetime (1.21 s). We also find spin-lattice relaxation that is relatively fast compared to other wide band gap insulators. The origin of this fast relaxation is also likely quadrupolar and may be due to anisotropic 8 Li + diffusion.