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$\beta$-detected \NMR\ of 8Li in the normal state of 2H-NbSe$_2$

Title$\beta$-detected \NMR\ of 8Li in the normal state of 2H-NbSe$_2$
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWang, D, Hossain, MD, Salman, Z, Arseneau, D, Chow, KH, Daviel, S, Keeler, TA, Kiefl, RF, Kreitzman, SR, Levy, CDP, Morris, GD, Miller, RI, MacFarlane, WA, Parolin, TJ, Saadaoui, H
JournalPhysica B
Pagination239 - 242

β -NMR of isolated 8Li has been investigated in the normal state of 2H- NbSe 2 . In a high magnetic field of 3 T a single resonance is observed with a Gaussian line width of 3.5 kHz. The line shape varies weakly as function of magnetic field and temperature but has a strong orientation dependence. The nuclear electric quadrupole splitting is unresolved implying that the electric field gradients are 10–100 times smaller than in other non-cubic crystals. The nuclear spin relaxation rate is also anomalously small but varies linearly with temperature as expected for Korringa relaxation in a metal. These results suggest that Li adopts an interstitial position between the weakly coupled NbSe 2 layers and away from the conduction band.