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$^8$Li$^+$ $\beta$-NMR in the Cubic Insulator MgO

Title$^8$Li$^+$ $\beta$-NMR in the Cubic Insulator MgO
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMacFarlane, WA, Parolin, TJ, Cortie, DL, Chow, KH, Hossain, MD, Kiefl, RF, Levy, CDP, McFadden, RML, Morris, GD, Pearson, MR, Saadaoui, H, Salman, Z, Song, Q, Wang, D
JournalJ. Phys.: Conf. Ser.

We present extensive high magnetic field β -NMR measurements of 8 Li + implanted in single crystals of MgO. The narrow resonance, consistent with a cubic 8 Li + site, likely the tetrahedral interstitital, is used routinely as a reference for shift measurements. We show the intrinsic linewidth is on the order of 200 Hz, allowing a frequency determination to an accuracy of a few Hz. We find no implantation energy dependence of the resonance within a few ppm, but there is evidence of slow spin dynamics in hole-burning measurements. The spin lattice relaxation is slow. The temperature dependence reveals interesting changes at low temperature whose origin remains uncertain.