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Parsons, M. T. ; Lau, F. W. ; Yee, E. G. M. ; Koga, Y. Excess Chemical Potentials And Partial Molar Enthalpies In Aqueous 1,2-And 1,3-Propanediols At 25 Degrees C. Journal of Solution Chemistry 2003, 32, 137-153.
Chen, D. H. C. ; Chu, P. M. ; Tanaka, S. H. ; To, E. C. H. ; Koga, Y. Excess Chemical Potentials, Partial Molar Enthalpies And Entropies In Binary Aqueous Acetone And Tetramethyl Urea At 25 Degrees C. Fluid Phase Equilibria 2000, 175, 35-43.
Nikolova, P. V. ; Duff, S. J. B. ; Westh, P. ; Haynes, C. A. ; Kasahara, Y. ; Nishikawa, K. ; Koga, Y. A Thermodynamic Study Of Aqueous Acetonitrile: Excess Chemical Potentials, Partial Molar Enthalpies, Entropies And Volumes, And Fluctuations. Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 2000, 78, 1553-1560.