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Hochgrafe, M. ; Marler, B. ; Gies, H. ; Fyfe, C. A. ; Feng, Y. ; Grondey, H. ; Kokotailo, G. T. The Structure Of The Low Temperature (20 K) Form Of Zeolite Zsm-11 Derived From Si-29 Mas Nmr Spectroscopy, Lattice Energy Minimization And Rietveld Refinement. Zeitschrift Fur Kristallographie 1996, 211, 221-227.
Kokotailo, G. T. ; Fyfe, C. A. ; Feng, Y. ; Grondey, H. ; Gies, H. ; Marler, B. ; Cox, D. E. Powder X-Ray Diffraction And Solid State Nmr Techniques For Zeolite Structure Determination. In Catalysis by Microporous Materials; Beyer, H. K. ; Karge, H. G. ; Kiricsi, I. ; Nagy, J. B. ; Catalysis by Microporous Materials; Elsevier Science Publ B V: Amsterdam, 1995; Vol. 94, pp. 78-100.