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Fyfe, C. A. ; Brouwer, D. H. ; Lewis, A. R. ; Chezeau, J. M. Location Of The Fluoride Ion In Tetrapropylammonium Fluoride Silicalite-1 Determined By H-1/f-19/si-29 Triple Resonance Cp, Redor, And Tedor Nmr Experiments. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2001, 123, 6882-6891.
Fyfe, C. A. ; Mueller, K. T. ; Grondey, H. ; Wongmoon, K. C. Solid-State Double-Resonance Nmr Experiments Involving Quadrupolar And Spin 1/2 Nuclei. Journal of Physical Chemistry 1993, 97, 13484-13495.