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Ezhova, M. B. ; Patrick, B. O. ; James, B. R. ; Ford, M. E. ; Waller, E. J. Interaction Of Rhodium(I) Bisphosphine Complexes With Semicarbazones To Give Orthometallated Rhodium(Iii) Complexes. Russian Chemical Bulletin 2003, 52, 2707-2714.
Fryzuk, M. D. ; Kozak, C. M. ; Bowdridge, M. R. ; Jin, W. C. ; Tung, D. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Rettig, S. J. Macrocyclic Complexes Of Niobium(Iii): Synthesis, Structure, And Magnetic Behavior Of Mononuclear And Dinuclear Species That Incorporate The [P2N2] System. Organometallics 2001, 20, 3752-3761.
Fryzuk, M. D. ; Johnson, S. A. ; Rettig, S. J. Reaction Of [P2N2]Ta=Ch2(Me) With Ethylene: Synthesis Of [P2N2]Ta(C2H4)Et, A Neutral Species With A Beta-Agostic Ethyl Group In Equilibrium With An Alpha-Agostic Ethyl Group ([P2N2] = Php(Ch2Sime2Nsime2Ch2)(2)Pph). Journal of the American Chemical Society 2001, 123, 1602-1612.
Debad, J. D. ; Legzdins, P. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Veltheer, J. E. Reactivity Of The Lewis-Acids Cp-Asterisk-M(No)(Ch2Cme3)Cl [M = Mo, W] And Related Complexes. Organometallics 1993, 12, 2714-2725.