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Bruckner, C. ; Zhang, Y. J. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Dolphin, D. Synthesis, Derivatization And Structural Characterization Of Octahedral Tris(5-Phenyl-4,6-Dipyrrinato) Complexes Of Cobalt(Iii) And Iron(Iii). Inorganica Chimica Acta 1997, 263, 279-286.
Bruckner, C. ; Karunaratne, V. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Dolphin, D. Synthesis Of Meso-Phenyl-4,6-Dipyrrins, Preparation Of Their Cu(Ii), Ni(Ii), And Zn(Ii) Chelates, And Structural Characterization Of Bis[Meso-Phenyl-4,6-Dipyrrinato]Ni(Ii). Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 1996, 74, 2182-2193.