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Studt, F. ; MacKay, B. A. ; Fryzuk, M. D. ; Tuczek, F. N-N Splitting Of A Functionalized Mu-Eta(1):eta(2) Coordinated N-2 Ligand Leading To A Mu-Nitrido Mu-Imido Core: Mechanistic Insight From Dft. Dalton Transactions 2006, 1137-1140.
Bernhardt, E. ; Finze, M. ; Willner, H. ; Lehmann, C. W. ; Aubke, F. Salts Of The Cobalt(I) Complexes [Co(Co)(5)](+) And[Co(Co)(2)(No)(2)](+) And The Lewis Acid-Base Adduct [Co2(Co)(7)Co-B(Cf3)(3)]. Chemistry-a European Journal 2006, 12, 8276-8283.
Thompson, K. H. ; Orvig, C. Coordination Chemistry Of Vanadium In Metallopharmaceutical Candidate Compounds. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2001, 219, 1033-1053.