Contact and Advising



Many questions about courses, programs, and the registration process can be answered by consulting  our Advising/Registration FAQ.  As the first step in seeking information, please use this document since the answer to your question may be there.

General Inquiries

For issues beyond those dealt with in the FAQ document, please complete the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form.  We ask that students please use this Form for ALL registration and advising inquiries, including but not limited to requests to change Chemistry lab or lecture sections, requests dealing with STTs, and issues dealing with course prerequisites.  Please do not contact the Undergraduate Advisor or Undergraduate Program Coordinator directly for initial inquiries.  If further information is necessary to handle your inquiry, you will be contacted by email.


Wayne Mah (Undergraduate Program Coordinator)

Office: Chemistry Main Office (CHEM D223)

Phone: 604-822-5710

For all inquiries, please complete the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form


Dr. Gregory Dake (Undergraduate Advisor)

Phone:  604-822-9121

For all inquiries, please complete the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form