Magnetic Trapping of Cold Methyl Radicals

The Momose Group, in collaboration with the Chemistry EES and MES shops, has achieved the magnetic trapping of CH3 radicals in a vacuum chamber. After six years of development of a “coil gun” type magnetic molecular decelerator, they have successfully reduced the translational velocity of the radicals in a supersonic molecular beam from 340 m/s to < 20 m/s and confined some 50 000 radicals in a volume of 1 mm^3 between two permanent magnets for longer than 1 sec. The temperature of the radicals in the trap was <200 mK. The ability to trap important reaction intermediates such as CH3...


Sep 25 2018 - 12:45pm to 2:00pm
Shane Grosser
Department of Chemical Engineering Research and Development, Merck Research Laboratories
Sep 26 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Prof. Samuel Dagorne
Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg – CNRS - University of Strasbourg


Congratulations to the Momose Group!

Congratulations to Prof. Momose and his research group for their recent Nature publication, Observation of the 1S–2P Lyman-α transition in antihydrogen. The...

Congratulations to the Perrin Group!

Congratulations to the Perrin Group. Their work on the synthesis of α-Amanitin, a bicyclic octapeptide produced by the death-cap mushroom, and one of the deadliest known peptide toxins, has been featured as an ACS Molecule of the Week.