Magnetic Trapping of Cold Methyl Radicals

The Momose Group, in collaboration with the Chemistry EES and MES shops, has achieved the magnetic trapping of CH3 radicals in a vacuum chamber. After six years of development of a “coil gun” type magnetic molecular decelerator, they have successfully reduced the translational velocity of the radicals in a supersonic molecular beam from 340 m/s to < 20 m/s and confined some 50 000 radicals in a volume of 1 mm^3 between two permanent magnets for longer than 1 sec. The temperature of the radicals in the trap was <200 mK. The ability to trap important reaction intermediates such as CH3...


Sep 20 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm
Eric Bowes
University of British Columbia – Love Group
Sep 21 2017 -
6:30pm to 7:30pm
Dr. Evan Haney
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Center for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research - UBC
Sep 26 2017 -
12:45pm to 2:00pm
Paul Cheong
Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University


Exploring the Activity Space of Multifaceted Host Defence Peptides

Host defence peptides (HDPs) are polypeptide sequences found ubiquitously in nature that have garnered significant attention as alternatives to antibiotics. Originally appreciated for their direct antibacterial effect, recent work has revealed...

Congratulations to Dr. Laurel Schafer!

Dr. Laurel Schafer has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.The Royal Society of Canada is the senior collegium of distinguished scholars, artists and scientists in the country. The Fellowship of the RSC comprises distinguished...