Prospective Graduate Students

Tuition and Stipends

All students admitted into our graduate programme are offered a competitive stipend, sufficient to cover living expenses and tuition.

The stipend derives from a combination of Teaching Assistantships (TA), Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) and scholarships for highly qualified students. Outstanding students can benefit from a number of NSERC scholarships and internal awards such as the Four Year Fellowships (4YF). The table below summarizes a few examples of stipends for Canadian students during the academic year 2015-16. The international students pay a higher tuition, but their stipends are adjusted to ensure that their net funding is equal to that of domestic students.

As you can see, all Ph.D. students receive a Tuition Award that will cover their tuition fully. The tuition award is offered for five years. Since no such award is available for M.Sc. students, we have adjusted their stipend upwards to defray the tuition.

2015-16 M. Sc. Students Ph. D. Students
Regular Stipend NSERC CGS M Regular Stipend UBC 4YF NSERC PGS D NSERC CGS D
TA $7,647 $3,823 $7,946 $3,973 $3,973 $3,973
GRA $14,832 $12,416
Tuition Award $4,606 $4,606 $4,606 $4,606
Scholarship $17,500 $18,200 $21,000 $35,000
Laird Fellowship $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
Total Funding $22,479 $23,323 $24,968 $28,779 $31,579 $45,579
Tuition Fees $4,606 $4,606 $4,606 $4,606 $4,606 $4,606
Student Fees $1,128 $1,128 $1,128 $1,128 $1,128 $1,128
Net Funding $16,754 $17,589 $19,234 $23,045 $25,845 $39,845

Student fees pay for the extended medical and dental plan and transit U-pass covering public transportation throughout Metro Vancouver. The UBC Calendar provides details about student fees.