Applying for Admission to a Chemistry Program

Students seeking admission to a Chemistry program following completion of first year must apply through the Faculty of Science specialization process.

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Students in year 2 (or above) wishing to switch Chemistry programs or switch from a non-Chemistry program to a Chemistry one should try to best match courses, and read footnotes in the program calendar entries for acceptable substitutes for specified courses. For example, CHEM 235 and a minimum grade of 76% in CHEM 233 can substitute for CHEM 203 in a chemistry program. In many cases, if a switch is made in January of second year, a Chemistry program can be completed without requiring additional terms of study. Please send a request to change programs using the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form.

General Information

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Course Prerequisites

Chemistry courses have firm prerequisite checks; students are blocked from registering if they don’t satisfy the course requirements.

If you satisfy the prerequisite(s) for a Chemistry course through transfer credit (required courses completed at other post-secondary institutions), please register on the waitlist.  We will review your request and manually add the courses to your registration record (if and only if there is space is available in the course).  In some cases, a copy of your unofficial transcript will be required.

Lab/Lecture Exemptions

In order to achieve a passing grade in Chemistry courses with included laboratories, students must pass both the lecture and laboratory components individually.

Students who fail the lecture component, but pass the laboratory, will need to repeat the course for credit. However, they will receive an exemption from repeating the laboratory.  The department will register eligible students into laboratory section XMT.  Similarly, students who fail the laboratory component but pass the lecture will be registered into the lecture section XMT.

Standard Timetables

In second year, the Department employs Standard Timetables (STT) in most of its programs to efficiently allocate seats among lecture and lab sections of courses. STTs are meant to allow easy registration into a conflict-free set of core courses. Under specific circumstances, courses or sections within an STT can be changed or dropped. Please use the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form to request a change.


Please review our current Advising Page.  If your question remains unanswered, please complete the Advising/Registration Inquiry Form.