PHI Trift V nanoTOF-SIMS

PHI Trift V nanoTOF-SIMS


Performance Features

  • Au and C60 analytical ion sources for enhanced ion yields and sensitivity
  • 2D and 3D imaging characterization
  • Capable of large mass range (10,000 amu) and high sensitivity (down to ppb level)
  • Parallel detection of all secondary ions by the time-of-flight analyzer
  • Charge neutralization using a pulsed electron and low energy Ar ion beam allows analysis and depth profiling of highly insulating sample
  • Motorized sample stage with heating and cooling capability
  • Interface with┬áLeica MED 020 Cryogenic Sample Preparation System

Typical Analytical Applications

  • Analysis of conducting, semiconducting and insulating solids
  • Identification of high mass molecular fragments
  • Capable of detecting all elements and isotopes with ppb sensitivity
  • Depth profiling from a few nanometers to several microns deep