Contact and Advising

Supervisor Project Title
Algar, Russ 1. Development of luminescent nanoparticles for cellular imaging and analysis
2. Development of smartphone-based point-of-care diagnostics
Bertram, Allan 1. Chemical and physical properties and climate implications of aerosol particles collected in the changing Arctic
2. Chemical and physical properties of photochemical smog
Bizzotto, Dan

1. AFM imaging of DNA modified single crystal electrode surfaces
2. Studying Cu electrodeposition onto electrochemically reduced graphene oxide using AFM
3. Designing, 3D printing and testing an electrochemical device for small volume water deionization

Brumer, Harry

1. Synthesis and application of novel drugs to treat inflammatory bowel disease
2. Discovery and characterization of complex carbohydrate-degrading enzymes from gut microbiota

Fryzuk, Mike New Ligand Designs for Activation of Dinitrogen by First Row Metal Compexes
Gates, Derek Smart molecules and polymers containing phosphorus
Grant, Ed

1.  Molecular beam laser spectroscopy and the dynamics of ultracold plasmas:  Theory and/or experiment
2.  Raman spectroscopy, high-resolution microscopy and machine learning in the analysis of complex biomaterials

Hein, Jason

1. Mechatronics for chemical discovery
2. Elucidating complex reaction mechanisms using cutting-edge analytics
3. Developing self-driving laboratories for synthetic organic chemistry

Hudson, Zac

1. Thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials for OLEDs
2. Luminescent polymers for optoelectronics

Li, Hongbin

1. Using optogenetics tools to engineer novel protein-based hydrogels 
2. Single molecule force spectroscopy on protein folding

MacLachlan, Mark

1. Metallohelicate Nanotubes through Supramolecular Chemistry
2. Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Macrocycles
3. Cellulose Nanocrystal Reaction Flasks

McIntosh, Lawrence Protein phase separation and the phosphorylation-dependent regulation of mycobacterial ABC transporters
Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa

1. Development of catalysts for CO2 conversion
2. Development of bioactive and biodegradable polymers

Shizgal, Bernie Pseudospectral methods of solution of the schroedinger and fokker-planck equations
Momose, Takamasa Spectroscopy of ultracold molecules
Perrin, David

1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition
2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents
3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy
4. New organotrifluroborates for use in coupling, sensing and biology

Orvig, Chris

1. Ligand design for radiometal ions
2. Inorganic radiopharmaceutical chemistry

Ryan, Kaity Enzymology of natural products biosynthesis
Straus, Suzana Antimicrobial peptide structure and function: building better peptides to combat antimicrobial resistance
Thachuk, Mark Coarse-grained molecular dynamics methodology and practice
Wang, Alex

1. Computational studies of high-energy density materials
2. Computational studies of conducting organic polymers

Withers, Steve

1. Synthesis and testing of some novel glycosidase inhibitors as potential therapeutics
2. Screening and characterisation of enzymes for removal of cell surface glycan antigens

Wolf, Mike Polymer photocrosslinking: chemistry and applications