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Project Title

Algar, Russ

1. Development of fluorescent nanomaterials for point-of-care diagnostic applications

2. Development of fluorescent nanomaterials for cellular imaging and sensing

Berlinguette, Curtis  Materials for electrochemical CO2 conversion

Bertram, Allan

1. The effect of anthropogenic pollution on ice clouds and climate

2. Do biological particles seed ice clouds and influence climate

3. Analysis of aerosol particles collected in the Arctic

Ciufolini, Marco

1. Preparation of heterocyclic building blocks for the synthesis of experimental antidegenerative drugs

2. Iodonium metathesis reactions: mechanistic and preparative investigations

3. Enantioselective reactions mediated by chiral hypervalent iodine reagents

Fryzuk, Mike

1. Coordination Chemistry of Ni and Cu with an Easily Assembled Tridentate NNP Donor Set: New Catalysts for H2 Activation

2. New Ligand Designs Based on Condensation and Deprotonation/Quenching Protocols: Making Multidentate Ligands the Easy Way

Hein, Jason

1. Robotic reaction optimization using machine learning

2. Mechanism of Fe-catalysed cyclotrimerization reactions

3. Stereo-selective amino acid synthesis using chiral crystallization

Hudon, Zac

1. Synthesis of block copolymer nanostructures from semiconducting polymers

2. Hierarchical self-assembly of block copolymers into functional nanostructures

Love, Jennifer

Towards Catalytic Cross-Coupling of Methane and other Unactivated Hydrocarbons

MacLachlan, Mark

1. Supramolecular Materials Chemistry: Synthesis and characterization of new functional materials

2. Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials  Derived from Nature

McIntosh, Lawrence

1. Dissecting the structural mechanisms of cellular signal transduction by biological NMR spectroscopy

2. Fragment based drug discovery: Identifying inhibitors of SAM domain polymerization as a novel therapy to target ETV6 chimeric oncoproteins

3. Protein phase separation: A new mechanism of protein function regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa

1. Development of catalysts for using CO2 as a chemical feedstock

2. Development of catalysts for biodegradable polymers

Momose, Takamasa

Spectroscopy of cold molecules

Perrin, David

1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition

2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents

3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy

Sammis, Glenn

Development of new fluoroalkylation reagents for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals

Schafer, Laurel

1. Amine Containing Responsive Materials. The Catalytic Synthesis of Polymers with Dynamic Hydrogen Bonds as new Self-Healing and Adhesive Materials

2. Biologically Active Synthetic Alkaloids. The Catalytic Synthesis of Novel Amine Containing Terpenes from Biomass Extractives

Shizgal, Bernie

1. Numerical Pseudospectral Solutions of the Schroedinger Equation for the Pseudo-harmonic and Kratzner potentials

2. Numerical Pseudospectral Solutions of the Schroedinger Equation for the Wood-Saxon and Hulthen potentials

Straus, Suzana   Developing antimicrobial peptides with improved properties

Thachuk, Mark

Simulations of Chemical Systems

Withers, Steve

1. Synthesis of novel enzyme substrates for identification of new enzymes

2. Identification and characterisation of new enzymes to modify blood