Contact and Advising
Supervisor Project Title
Algar, Russ 1. Development and characterization of fluorescent nanoparticles for biomedical applications
2. Fluorescent nanoparticles as probes for biochemical reactions
Bertram, Allan 1. Ice nucleation properties and climate impacts of aerosol particles in the Arctic
2. Viscosity and atmospheric impacts of aerosol particles generated in a photochemical smog chamber
Bizzotto, Dan AFM studies of DNA self-assembled monolayers on gold
Dake, Gregory Catalyzed Construction of Heterocycles Relevant to Human Health
Gates, Derek Synthesis of new phosphorus molecules, polymers and materials
Grant, Ed 1. Dynamics of arrested relaxation in molecular ultracold plasmas
2. iSCAT/Raman microscopy and the spectrochemical analysis of complex materials
Hein, Jason 1. Studying the growth of Covalent-Organic Frameworks (COF’s) by in situ HPLC/NMR
2. Understanding Pd-L exchange rates in common cross-coupling reactions
Hudson, Zachary Semiconducting block copolymers for nanoelectronics
Jetter, Reinhard 1. Plant natural product biosynthesis: Isolation and characterization of enzymes involved in polyketide formation
2. Lipid analysis: structure elucidation of novel fatty acid derivatives using GC-MS combined with micro-scale synthesis
Li, Hongbin 1. Protein hydrogels for biomedical applications
2. Single molecule studies of protein folding-unfolding dynamics
Love, Jen 1. Strategies for the upgrading of natural gas into useful chemicals
2. Fundamental understanding of metal-ligand bonding and how that relates to catalytic reactivity (joint with Pierre Kennepohl)
MacLachlan, Mark Investigations of Stimuli-responsive Nanomaterials
McIntosh, Lawrence 1. Dissecting the structural mechanisms of cellular signal transduction by biological NMR spectroscopy
2. Investigating the enzymatic synthesis and degradation of carbohydrates by biological NMR spectroscopy
Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa 1. Development of catalysts for the controlled formation of biodegradable polymers
2. Synthesis and charcterization of functionalized biodegradable polymers
Momose, Takamasa Spectroscopy of molecules at low temperaures
Orvig, Chris Exploring Ligand Space for Radiometals in Theranostic Research
Perrin, David 1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition
2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents
3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy
Perrin, David and Schafer, Laurel Enzymes by Design.  The Synthesis of Small Peptides as Chiral Ligands for Asymmetric Catalysis with Early Transition Metals
Straus, Suzana 1. Investigation of the mode of action of peptide-based novel alternatives to antibiotics
2. Investigation of the interaction of membrane protein U24 from HHV-6B with WW domains by NMR and ITC
3. Structure determination of U24 from HHV-7 by NMR
Thachuk, Mark Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Chemical Systems
Wang, Alex 1. Computational Nanosciences and Nanocatalysis
2. Theoretical Studies of Chemical Reaction Mechanisms
Withers, Steve Identification and characterisation of novel enzymes for carbohydrate modification