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Macromolecular Therapeutics

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A) High molecular weight Iron chelators for Chelation therapy:

Fundamental studies are directed towards the development of blood compatible Iron chelating polymers which could bind Iron inside the human body and excrete it through kidney. Applications include the development of treatments to secondary iron overload, a condition caused by severe blood transfusion (e.g. sickle-cell anaemia, beta-thalessimia). This is particularly important due to the fact that humans do not have an iron excretion pathway.

B) Polymeric Antidotes to reverse the clotting effects of anticoagulants:

Anticoagulation is one of the commonly used clinical interventions in modern medicine. Heparin based anticoagulants are widely used. We are developing a safe and effective antidote which works effectively against unfractionated heparin, low molecular weight heparins, and fondaparinux and other anticoagulants.

C) Glyco-conjugates as inhibitors of cell or protein interactions or immuno-targeting agents:

The importance of carbohydrate-protein/cell binding in various biological events makes them very attractive in the development of therapeutic agents specifically targeting certain proteins or cells. But the weak affinity of monovalent carbohydrate ligands to proteins and cell receptors hindered the development of carbohydrate-based therapeutic agents. Our interests are in the development of blood compatible multivalent polymer glyco-conjugates and surfaces for cell targeting purposes.