Vancouver Summer Program 2020

Vancouver Summer Program 2020

The Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) is a four-week academic program offered by various Faculties at the University of British Columbia, Canada for students from participating universities. The program provides the opportunity to take two academic courses while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

The Department of Chemistry will be offering a course package from July 11- August 11, 2020.

Course Package - Global Challenges and the Environment:

Tackling Global Challenges with Modern Chemistry

Sustainability. Renewable energy. Nanomaterials. Clean water. Antibiotic resistance. This course explores upcoming challenges in modern society – and presents the impacts, analysis and potential solutions that modern investigators in the field of chemistry are actively studying. Students will be presented with case studies to explore the important problems facing our society.

Environmental Chemistry of the Oceans and Atmosphere

Picture Earth from Space—the Earth is a blue and white speckled gem. The blue of the sea. The white of the clouds in the Air. The environmental chemistry of the oceans and/or the atmosphere will be presented to help students understand the chemical composition and reaction processes of the air and the seas. Case studies may involve the chemical processes associated with atmospheric interactions with solar radiation, the stratospheric ozone layer, photochemical smog and/or complexation analysis, corrosion treatment and microbial transformations within natural waters. Knowledge of introductory level University chemistry is an important asset for students interested in this course.

Experience & Activities:

Both the Vancouver Summer Program and the Department of Chemistry will be hosting a number of social activities where you will get a chance to experience Canadian culture (ie. through museum visits and visiting local social events), and meet other international students around the world and local UBC students.

Application, Registration & Fees:

Application & Registration:

Students must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the program to apply. To register, please contact your university’s International Office. If they are unable to assist you with registration, please contact VSP directly. The deadline to register for the July-August 2020 program is Monday, March 30, 2020.


The package fee per student for the 2020 will inlclude course materials, medical insurance, group airport transfer and city tour, shared accommodation on UBC campus, orientation and farewell events, and social activities (optional trips may require an additional fee).

Food and daily transportation within the city are not included.

For more details regarding registration, package fees and contact, please visit the UBC Vancouver Summer Program website.

We look forward to hosting you this summer!