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 Project Title

 Algar, Russ

 1. Smartphone-based molecular diagnostics and imaging with smartphones

 2. Advanced Luminescent Materials for Application in Bioanalysis and Imaging

 Borduas-Dedekind, Nadine

 1. Atmospheric chemistry of selenium within its biogeochemical cycle in Canada

 2. Atmospheric photochemistry of aerosols released by fires

 3. Chemistry inside a cloud droplet: determining the freezing temperature of organic aerosols

 Gates, Derek  Synthesis of Phosphorus-containing Molecules and Polymers
 Grant, Ed

 1. Self-organization in the avalanche, quench and dissipation of a molecular ultracold plasma

 2. Machine learning and the classification of complex systems

 Huan, Tao

 Development of untargeted metabolomics to profile lipid species in cell membrane

 Hudson, Zac

 1. Materials exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescence for biological imaging

 2. Optoelectronic materials exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescence

 Li, Hongbin  1. Single molecule force spectroscopy on the giant muscle protein titin
 2. Protein-based hydrogels

 MacLachlan, Mark

 Investigations in Supramolecular Chemistry

 Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa

 1. Development of catalysts for the controlled formation of biodegradable polymers

 2. Development of lignin and cellulose based high value biodegradable polymers and materials

 Momose, Takamasa

 Spectroscopy and dynamics of cold molecules

 Perrin, David

 1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition

 2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents

 3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy

 4. New organotrifluroborates for use in coupling, sensing and biology

 Orvig, Chris

 Macrocyclic Ligands for Radiometal Ions in Nuclear Medicine

 Schafer, Laurel  1. Assembling Key N-Heterocycles using Green Chemistry

 2. The Catalytic Synthesis of Selectively Substituted N-Heterocycles

 Straus, Suzana

 Design and Characterization of Novel Host Defense Peptide Conjugates to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance

 Thachuk, Mark

 Studies in Theoretical Chemistry

 Withers, Steve

 1. Synthesis and testing of novel sugar derivatives as potential antibiotics

 2. Identification and characterisation of novel enzymes for glycoprotein modification through high-throughput screening of metagenomic libraries

 Wolf, Mike

 1. Sulfoxide-bridged anthracene photochemistry for anti-counterfeiting applications

 2. Emissive flexible Lewis pair containing metal complexes