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State purified deceleration of SD radicals by a Stark decelerator

TitleState purified deceleration of SD radicals by a Stark decelerator
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNourbakhsh, O, J. Michan, M, Mittertreiner, T, Carty, D, Wrede, E, Djuricanin, P, Momose, T
Date PublishedDEC 17

Deceleration of supersonic beams of SD radicals by a linear Stark decelerator was demonstrated for the first time. SD radicals produced by an electric discharge of supersonic beams mainly occupied the lowest two rotational states of J = 3/2 and J = 5 2 in the (2)Pi(3/2) state. Laser-induced fluorescence of the decelerated beam showed that, due to the proximity of the Stark shift between these two rotational states, the final radical packet still contained both the J = 3/2 and J = 5/2 rotational states when the decelerator was operated at a constant phase below 50 degrees. We show that by controlling the timing sequence of the Stark decelerator, it is possible to create a decelerated molecular packet containing only a single rotational state of either J = 3/2 or J = 5/2 of the SD radicals with a tunable velocity. The creation of a cold radical beam containing a single rotation-vibration state will be a useful tool for the study of cold collisions and reactions in the quantum regime.